RGB Skull Glowie (Gather the Materials)

Introduction: RGB Skull Glowie (Gather the Materials)

About: Evil Mad Scientist, Atari Punk Console Maker, Avante Garde Contemporary Artist, Air Metal Musician

Things you'll need:
Battery Cell
RGB color changing LED
Plastic Skull
Razor Blade
Maybe a Soldering Iron
Possibly some fishing string

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Step 1: Put It Together

Cut a round hole in the back of the plastic skull.

Step 2: The Setup

Tape the LED to the Cell battery with the correct poles touching.

Step 3: You're Done

Now tape the battery and LED into the hole on the plastic skull.

Step 4: Optional Things

You can solder the LED terminals to the battery or even use and other color of LED if you prefer a solid color. Even add a string to make it a necklace.

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    3 years ago

    Source of the skulls? I guess watch for them in dollar stores around Hallowe'en...