Introduction: Rafiki!

The Lion King is one of my favorite movies so I thought I'd throw together a Rafiki costume this year! This costume took less than three hours of total prep time and won me a costume contest! The prep was really easy and the makeup/hair isn't too hard, I promise! Enjoy!


Grey Long Sleeve Shirt

1/2 yard of white fur fabric

Spray Adhesive


Grey Leggings

Blue fabric paint

Grey fur fabric


Fabric glue


Lots of grey cream makeup

Makeup crayons in blue, black, and red


Hair color spray in white and silver

Small-toothed comb


Simba Stuffed Animal

Brown Socks

Brown Gloves

Step 1: Blue Butt!

1. Trace the outline of where you want your butt to be blue! I recommend doing this with the leggings on your body. I used a yellow marker that was difficult to see from far away. It is helpful if you have a friend help you with this step. I did it myself looking in the mirror and it was challenging.

2. Stuff a plastic bag in the leggings so the fabric paint doesn't bleed through.

3. Paint away! I did two coats with a days worth of drying time in-between. I recommend doing this step with several days before you need to wear it because it can take a while to dry.

4. Once its dry, try them on and make any changes as necessary!

5. For the tail, you can use a strip of grey fur fabric wrapped around a piece of wire. Or you can buy a cheap one from a mouse costume if you're in a pinch (like I was!).

Step 2: Furry Chest!

1. For this step, cut out a piece of white fur for your chest. Once you have a general shape you think should work, put the shirt on and make sure the white fur works with your body shape.

2. Use spray adhesive and glue the white fur onto the chest. Make sure to put some sort of barrier in the shirt to prevent the glue from seeping through to the other side. After it has started to dry, put the shirt on again to confirm that the shape still works. I needed to do a little more spraying the adhesive while it was on my body to get it to conform to my curves.

3. Confession: I'm a fairly sweaty lady! As is such, I decided to add furry armpits to mask any sweat I might have when out and about. This step is certainly optional but worked great for me!

Step 3: Hair and Makeup

I happen to have a LOT of hair so this step might look different for you depending on your hair type and length.


1. Start by sectioning off the top portion of your hair. Backcomb to achieve some volume and hair spray the crap out of it! Pin it back to give you a crest at the top of your head.

2. Backcomb the rest of your hair, hairspray, and repeat, repeat, repeat! I got some major volume with a little time, effort, and hairspray!

3. You can use white and silver hairspray to look more like the cartoon or leave your hair a natural color. If you do use the colored hairspray, buy a lot! I did not get nearly enough so my hair ended up looking just dull/gray!

4. If you have the length, make a beard out of your own hair by tying the front portion under your chin. It feels totally weird but adds a cool touch!


1. I started with some black eyeliner and then did dark blue eyeshadow around my eyes and out to my temple.

2. Add grey make-up to your forehead and neck.

3. Use a light blue cream or crayon makeup for your cheeks.

4. Draw three-four black line on your cheeks over the light blue makeup. Make an under-curve to accentuate your cheeks.

5. Color your nose red.

6. Add a dark strip above your brow.

7. Finish with grey makeup on your chin, lips, and neck.

Step 4: Finishing Touches!

A couple of things to complete the outfit:

1. Buy a Simba stuffed animal. Raise it above your head often!

2. For simple "feet," wear comfortable, simple shoes and just pull brown socks over.

3. For furry hands, use brown gloves with the fingers cut off. Paint your nails silver or brown.

4. Have fun!!!

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