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This almost looks like Lisa Frank, haha. ANYWAYS I also have a rainbow dragon video up on my youtube page, you should check it out! Tell me what you think! <3

Step 1: Base

I took some LIPSTICK for this look. I took the NYX Macaroon lippies is Orange blossom, coconut, and rose to fill in my face.

Step 2: Shadow

Taking an orange eye shadow, I took NYX hot primal colors in hot orange, and blended that into the lipstick. Then I grabbed a yellow eye shadow, I took NYX hot singles in STFU and blended that into the white and into the orange. I then took a pink eyeshadow, NYX hot primal colors in hot pink, and blended that into the pink. Then I took a white eye shadow, NYX hot singles in whipped cream and blended that into the white.

Step 3: Added More

I added more to the jaw and chin with that lipstick and eye shadow

Step 4: Black

I took NYX jumbo eye pencil in black bean and outlined the nose and mouth, then I filled in the rest of my face I was not using.

Step 5: Purple

Taking a purple I filled in the nose.

Step 6: Details

Using a bright blue eyeliner I started adding whisker dots, and I added a winged cat eyeliner. Then I got a bright blue color mascara and put that on my lashes.

Step 7: Dots N' Stuff

Taking that same bright blue eyeliner I started adding the strips and dots. I didn't obviously fallow any real cats pattern, I was just winging it.

Step 8: Shadow

Taking matte black eye shadow I shadowed around the mouth.

Step 9: Body

Same as the face I used the lipsticks as a base,

Step 10: Blend

Again like the face I'm blending in the eye shadows.

Step 11: Details

Using the eyeliner I finished up the details. And you're done!



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2 years ago

Great job with all your instructables. Have you thought of trying to get on Skin Wars? I think you would do very well on it!

1 reply

Reply 2 years ago

haha, I get told that a lot but I don't think i'm THAT good yet. I've only been doing it a year. Haha. I have so much to learn. Thank you for your kind words