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Introduction: Rainbow Pom Pom Tutu Dress

About: A Software Engineer. I love learning new things. Hooked up with Instructables. It is the biggest find I ever made. :D Cooking and Crochet are my passion. I love to learn different techniques and cuisines.

This tutu dress is very simple to make. I had a bestie of mine coming to me if I could replicate an image of the skirt she wanted. I was like why not! Shall give it a try. She wanted the pom poms inside the skirt. I searched through many youtube videos got few ideas. The skirt is then compilation of different things I learnt.

I am not an expert in sewing but this project is a simple make over of the model she gave me. Happy that she liked it too.

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Step 1: Materials

Net Fabric - 2 meters




Sewing Machine

Footers - Gathering footer and Zig Zag footer

Pom pom balls - 50

Satin Ribbon - Double the chest size

Elastic - Double the chest size

Cotton Material - 2 meters

Step 2: Cut Fabric

Now for the fabric cutting part.

We need to cut the net fabric and the cotton cloth.

Both should be of the same dimension. I shall explain the way it would be understandable for you.

For the net portion I used 3 layers to give it the fluffiness. It is a tulle kind of material but not in strips. An important note here is that the first two net layers should be continuos so you can add the pom pom balls.

length - waist length * 2 approx

height - The height of the skirt needed

For the cotton lining below cut the same dimension as the net material.

Points to remember:

1. The length of the lining is an inch less than the length of the net material. This would needed as the baby walks the net can fly little high showing off the lining. We do not want that. When we stitch the raw edges this would get adjusted as the seam allowance is included.

Step 3: Secure the Raw Edges of Lining Material

Take the lining cloth that will be placed underneath and sew along the edges to tuck in the raw edges. Use straight stitch for this step.

For neater finish iron along the edges to fold the fabric and then sew. Thats it. You have neater edges and cloth will not fray this way.

Step 4: Straight Stitch the Lining and the Net

Now you are ready for the first step of stitching.

Make your necessary setup needed for the sewing machine.

Pin together the layers of net material and the lining fabric below (right side up). Its good to to pin them up at regular intervals as they will stay intact while stitching.

With Zig Zag footer and straight stitch sew along from one end to another.

Then for secure stitch sew again lengthwise.

Step 5: Gathering Stitch

Now you could use a gathering foot or the same zig zag foot for this.

If you use gathering foot you get even folds in the cloth and your task is going to be simple. If using straight stitch keep folding the cloth in between as you stitch along.

Do this till the end. Now the circumference of the skirt has come down.

Step 6: Satin Ribbon

Take a 2 inch satin ribbon and place it as shown in the photo and stitch along the edges by folding.

Your elastic will be going through the satin ribbon. For better understanding see the photo guides given.

Pin a safety pin at end of the elastic and take it through the ribbon. Adjust the creases.

Step 7: Pom Pom Balls

Now for the Pom pom balls part. One of the net layer should be a fold so we can fill in the pom pom balls.

The end of the skirt is where we are going to sew to secure after adding the balls inside the upper layer.

Bring both ends of the skirt along with lining. Pin it up. Sew the wrong side of the lining together. Similarly sew the net ends together in the wrong side. Sew over the elastic ends too.

Now secure or tuck in the satin ribbon and sew over them too.

All your sewing is done.

Just adjust the fluffiness of your skirt. You can add any embellishment you would like. I added a big satin bow too.

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