Rake Head Bird or Butterfly Feeder...

Introduction: Rake Head Bird or Butterfly Feeder...

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Upcycling is always fun...and this rake head upcycle is just for the birds and butterflies.

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Step 1:

Upcycle an old rake head into a bird or butterfly feeder.

Take one old rake head, and clean it with a brush and water so all dirt is removed.

Step 2:

Place in position atop a fence and use two large u staple nails to nail in place as shown. Placing one nail each side or the rake head to secure.

Step 3:

Once in place add halved citruses like oranges or tangelos.

Step 4:

You won't be waiting long before the nectar-loving birds will appear, and butterflies in the right season.

My feeder helps nourish the birds over the winter months and they love it!

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