Rally Style Polyurethane Mud Flaps for $20




Introduction: Rally Style Polyurethane Mud Flaps for $20

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this is just one of many ways you can have nice aftermarket knock off mud flaps for $20.

we made these for a 95 subaru impreza but these steps are universal for any car!

tools you need:

two semi truck thick plastic mud flaps - about $10 each (from peterbilt shop in WA)
t-square ruler
ratchet and socket set
skil saw or rotory dremel tool 
pencil or pen to mark you lines

can of spray paint or similar (for rounding off the edges)

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Step 1: Measuring and Marking

measure your mud flaps on the car so you can determine how far you want yours to stick out, in our case we decided on the front having 1" more outwards and 1" longer and the back 1 1/2" wider and 1 1/2" wider

first remove the front mud flap and put it on top of the semi flap. make sure the flat side is facing down.

measure how much extra length you want and put the outside edge of your stock mud flap on that line, so you have the extra 1" of material, mark your lines. and trace the outline of the mud flap: this is where the t-square comes in handy!

dont forget to mark the mounting holes from the original mud flap

Step 2: Cutting

now that you have your lines all traced on the truck mud flap its time to cut.

take your time! we left a little extra material on the edge so we could sand it down to look smooth.

when your done cutting it, lay the original mud flap on top of the new one to make sure your cuts, and measurements are good!

Step 3: Test Fit

now that its cut roughly. mount it on your car, you can get a feel of how it will look, and decide if you want it smaller.

(optional) also we measured and marked the top edge of the flap to cut the notch to look like armor mud flaps.

Step 4: Finishing the First Mud Flap

now that the mud flap has been fitted, remove it from the car.

use a can of spray paint to mark the bottom edge's to round them off for a better look.

then cut the top edge off

Step 5: Finish

after your done with the cutting, fit the mud flap onto your car one last time to check if everything is to your liking.

at this point fix anything you dont like.

now use sand paper to smooth the edges for a real nice look.

now that you are finished with one of the front mudflaps, put it ontop of the truck mud flap and trace it out, cut, sand and finish it off for the other side. repeat these steps for the rear mud flaps and in under an hour and only $20 you have $150 pair of rally mud flaps! enjoy and go have some fun!

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