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Introduction: Raspberry Pi 3 Gaming With Steam

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When I originally purchased my Raspberry Pi 3, Gaming was at the top of my list of things to try. And with that, streaming AAA titles from steam was something I was keen on trying.

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Step 1: What You Need to Stream Steam to Raspberry Pi

  1. Raspberry Pi 3
  2. 5V 2.5A Power Supply
  3. 8GB+ Micro SD Card (Recommend Samsung)
  4. A Windows PC with a GTX650+ Nvidia Graphics Card
  5. Steam with Steam Games installed
  6. Xbox 360 Wired Controller

NOTES: The Raspberry Pi 3 requires a 2.5A power supply so make sure you have one that is capable. I highly recommend Samsung Mico SD Cards due to a technology called Wear Leveling which greatly increases the life span of the memory card. A computer with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 installed is required as well as needing an NVIDIA Graphics card greater than a GTX650. This uses the GameStream technology that Moonlight utilises. to stream your gaming from your PC to your Raspberry Pi.

Step 2: Preparing the Micro SD Card for the Raspberry Pi

Firstly, make sure you download the latest Raspbian image from the Raspbery Pi website. Raspbian is the Operating System that we will use in order to interact with the Raspberry Pi. Once this has downloaded, you will need to extract it from the zip file. You could use a tool like 7zip to achieve this.

Once you've downloaded this, you will need to install Win32DiskImager in order to prepare your Micro SD Card. Once Win32DiskImager is installed, launch the application and click the folder image. Now you must select the Rasbian image that was extracted previously.

Next, we need to choose the drive letter the Micro SD Card was in. Make sure you select the right drive letter as you could loose all your data.

Now click WRITE and wait until the process finishes. Click OK and EJECT the Micro SD Card and put it in your Raspberry Pi 3.

Step 3: Raspberry Pi 3 Raspbian Setup

Boot up your Raspberry Pi 3 and after it's initial setup, you should be greeted with the Raspbian desktop. Depending on your version, the image may look different. Navigate to the menu and look for Command Line. Once that comes up, you will need to type in the first line and wait and then type in the next line and wait.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

This will make sure your installation is completely up to date.

Step 4: Installing Moonlight on the Raspberry Pi 3

We will need the COMMAND LINE within Raspbian again. Once that's up, type in the following command.

sudo bash -c 'printf "deb http://archive.itimmer.nl/raspbian/moonlight jessie main\n" >> /etc/apt/sources.list'

This will add the source online for downloading the latest Moonlight.

Next we need to do a quick update (First Line) followed by installing Moonlight (Second Line).

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install moonlight-embedded

Now Moonlight is installed and almost ready to go.

Step 5: Discover Your Computers IP Address

You will need to discover the IP Address on the computer that has Steam installed on it. To do this, hit the windows key and start typing CMD and press enter.

This should start up a command prompt. Here you will need to type in:


This will help you identify your computers IP address. Generally, you'll be looking for 192.168.XXX.ZZZ. ZZZ should not be 1 or 001 as this is usually your router or modem.

Once you have this IP address, it's back to the PI to setup Moonlight.

Step 6: Configuring Moonlight

Now we need to pair the Raspberry Pi with the GameStream service within the Geforce Experince. To do that, type in the following code within the Command Line on the Raspberry Pi where 192.168.XXX.ZZZ is your IP address from the previous step.

moonlight pair 192.168.XXX.ZZZ

Take note of the PIN number the Raspberry Pi gives and race back to the computer with Steam.

On your steam computer, GeForce Experience should now pop up asking for the PIN. Type this in and click CONNECT.

The Raspberry Pi should now display PAIRED.

Step 7: Launching Moonlight From Your Raspberry Pi 3

Now everything is paired and running, you just need to plug in your Xbox 360 Controller and start moonlight with the following command into the command line on the Raspberry Pi 3.

moonlight stream -1080 -30fps -app Steam

You can change a few setting here like -720 instead of -1080 and -60fps instead of -30fps for an obvious frame increase.

Congratulations. You are all finished and streaming Steam to your new Raspberry Pi 3 Gaming device!!!!

If you enjoy this Instructable, consider checking out my TechWizTime YouTube Channel
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    23 Discussions


    Question 9 days ago

    What is the max resolution you can stream in-home games with this? The Steamlink only manages 1080p.

    Yes. You just need to download the linux build from the Moonlight website :)

    how do i use moonlight on ubuntu?? i downloaded the moonlight jar file from the website and im stuck there


    I was hoping for some help. I followed your tutorial and everything *almost* works. When I issue the stream command, my PC opens Steam, and Steam even responds to the input from the peripherals attached to the Pi, but the Pi display just freezes and doesn't show the stream.

    Is there any fix to this?

    It doesn't work for me :/ "Starting video stream...Video stream start failed: -2"

    Im getting pairing issue with my laptop. After entering pair command with my laptop's IP address, the terminal showed "Connect to [my laptop ip address] but no windows popped up from my PC. What should I do to make it work?

    is there any way to write a file to load with Retropie so I don't have to use a keyboard everytime?

    im getting this error after running moonlight-embedded

    sudo apt-get install moonlight-embedded

    Reading package lists... Done

    Building dependency tree

    Reading state information... Done

    Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have

    requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable

    distribution that some required packages have not yet been created

    or been moved out of Incoming.

    The following information may help to resolve the situation:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:

    moonlight-embedded : Depends: libenet1a but it is not installable

    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

    1 reply

    I tried the one on here and it works: https://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-PC-Streaming/?ALLSTEPS Except the line [ deb http://archive.itimmer.nl/raspbian/moonlight wheezy main ]Should be changed to: deb http://archive.itimmer.nl/raspbian/moonlight jessie main

    When I try to pair with my pc there appears a message " Can't connect to [my ip]". What should I do to make it work?

    1 reply

    Check whether you have the correct IP address to which RaspPi is connected. For assistance, get "Angry IP Scanner" application. It'll show you what all IPs are connected to a particular network.

    Will this work with macOS?

    This only works with Nvidia tho... Any alternatives for us AMD users?

    1 reply

    Unfortunately it does only work with Nvidia cards. This is due to the Shield Streaming capabilites built into Nvidia cards. This is how moonlight actually works. Through the Shield streaming protocols.


    1 year ago

    Does it work with steam controller as well ?

    1 reply

    I can't say with 100% accuracy that it will, but other users have had success with this driver here: https://github.com/ynsta/steamcontroller

    Raspberry PI is perfect or a Steam box. It is cheap, small and portable. All the things that you want in your mobile electronics.