Rc Depron Boeing 737-500 40mm Edf




Introduction: Rc Depron Boeing 737-500 40mm Edf

I have a passion for Rc airliners, There are not many available build your own kits, mainly only almost ready to fly kits, so ive designed my own Boeing 737-500. It is built from depron, lite ply and balsa. Its been designed for 5 channel radio.

Step 1: The Plans

The first step was to locate some good plans to build from. There was none i only found a 3 view cad drawing on the official website in the airport planning, then i set about creating the cross sections.......

I designed this to be cut out on my cnc router, i have since converted it with added co2 40 watt laser.

Step 2: Cutting and Assemble

Once the parts are cut out, it is a slot together construction, the only templates that are not supplied is the nose and tail sheet pattens, these are easily enough recreated by curving some depron and trimming to fit.

Step 3: Assemble

once the nose is sheeted simply add the nose /cockpit blocks and sand to shape. the same with the tail, the wings are held on with magnets.

Step 4: Assemble the Wing and Edf Housing

the wing simply slots together, a carbon fiber rod 2mm diameter gives the wing strenght, the edfs housing are simply to assemble and sheet.

Step 5: Finishing

the model was designed for retracts for the scale look. you may wish to ditch them for weight saving, I finsihed the model in the british airways theme, totsl weight with 3 cell lipo is 450g.

2 servos in the wings, 1 per elevator and rudder, 1 for steering, retracts not hooked up for maiden flight.

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I am currently building this I am wondering what size retracts I will need? Just need to know the length needed to have clearance from the ground to the engines?

here are some pict of my finished model
also the last pict, is the cg placement the the same as yours?

19700101080113_000530.jpg19700101080127_000531.jpg19700101080144_000541.jpg19700101080149_000532.jpg19700101080206_000533.jpg19700101080306_000536.jpg19700101080314_000537.jpgboeing 737 CG.png

the plans have an opening for a 45mm EDF. There not very common/cheap though. I'm thinking of adapting it to take a 50 or 55mm. much more available and affordable.

very nice. Would like to know how that flies!

Did you fit the aileron servos in the wing as per the pictures? If so, how did you connect the ailerons to the servo?

this is the easiest and best looking rc boeing 737 i have found:)

Wow, this turned out really impressive!

Got a video of this in flight? That would be so awesome to see :)

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It's certainly an elegant appearing replica. If it is supposed to actually fly via RC, then what about engines, fuel, associated controls, etc.? Thanks.


Could you possibly do a video or another instructable on the process of taking the plans and developing the cross sections? I have been trying to find something showing how to do this. Great job!

Flight vid would be awesome.

Bravo sir Bravo. I don't see too many folks actually building R/C models anymore. Like you said, they are usually RTF or ARF setups. But you did a magnificent job with both the actual build and finish. Back when I was into R/C, I built all my own models with the upmost care and precision. I like doing that as well. Very nice project!