"Real World"Light

The whole thing is made by LED iron powder magnetic and the chemistry bottle.Means the world is the science without magic. Inside of the bottle.it have ground and sky.The changes light menas the bright human civilization and also means the chemical change. But on the others hand. It can pronounce the universe we lived and that means it have the great beyond out of this world. Maybe we just the experiment of the god. So I named it 'Real World'

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Step 1: Make the Base

Glue the two kinds of world together

Step 2: Make the Base

Sand it to the shape I wanted. And use the 220 sandpaper to sand it again.

Step 3: Make Base

Dig the big hole.

Step 4: Polish

Use the wooden finish and the wax.

Step 5: Inside of Light

Put the iorn powder in to the light and cut the LED.

Step 6: The Cap

Make the cap and make a hole to let the wires pass it.

Step 7: Final

Put the magnic on and turn it on.

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    2 years ago

    Looks nice. One thing that kind of "bothers" me is the control box dangling from the cable. If the cable was a little longer so it rested on the surface – or the box was hidden in the base somehow – it would, in my opinion, look better.

    Apart from that I really like it. I voted for you in the lights contest, good luck!


    2 years ago

    add a photo


    2 years ago

    That looks really neat, I think it would fit in well in a mad science lab :) It could be a cool Halloween decoration!