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Have you ever watched talking computer like JARVIS with Tony Stark in Iron Man movie? Have you ever wished to have a computer like that?

Am I right?

Don`t worry...You can fulfill this wish with your own computer. You can have a computer-like JARVIS and it's totally free.

Your computer will respond to your voice by speaking to you like a human being.


Here is procedure how to make an AI System your own just by RAW coding and some tools.

So Ladies and Gentlemen fasten your belts and let's begin this journey with me................

Step 1: Desktop Customization

First of all, you have to remove all thing (i.e. all the icons and files ) from desktop and set the taskbar to autohide mode.

Step 2: Desktop Customization..

Now download rainmeter from given link below:

After installing rainmeter you will see some gadgets on the screen.

Step 3: Desktop Customization....

You can move these gadgets just by left-clicking and can do some operations just by a right click.

Step 4: Desktop Customization......

Now download these 2 themes from given links:

1.IRON man:


after downloading these themes install the theme with Rainmeter.

Now you have various gadgets in your menu. you can apply any gadgets from the menu on the screen.

Step 5: Desktop Customization........

you can customize your desktop as you want (i.e. change desktop background, gadgets etc).

Step 6: Voice Interaction

Now you have to download a plugin software for it, called Windows speech recognition Macros provided by Microsoft. This will make your computer to respond to your voice.

Download Official from Microsoft `s website if you have a Genuine copy of windows.

If your copy of windows is not genuine, You can download it from other third party servers by searching in Google by it`s name or given link below.

Install it, It`s very easy.
After the successful completion of Installation

Go to Start Button > All Programs Right Click on Windows Speech Recognition Macros .

Choose Run as administrator . Then from Notification Area, Right Click on it`s Icon > Select New Speech Macro.

You can edit macro command using Edit speech macro..,if you want make changes to commands created before.

Step 7: Voice Interaction..

What you can do with Windows Speech Recognition Macros
1. You can Insert Text of your wish(personal info),you want computer to speak.

2. You can run applications or software with your voice instead of mouse or keyboard using Run a Program.

3. You can edit many commands according to your wish or need using Advanced.

In Advanced you have to do coding by yourself so that your computer will respond according to your commands.

Ex. You speak"What's going on dude",computer will say"Nothing special (your name)".

This coding will be done in Advanced by inserting xml.

Are you weak in coding ???

Don't worry,It's coding is very easy,i will guide you....

Code to Make your Computer like Jarvis

New Speech macro..>> Choose Advanced and change the code like this..



You have to add a commands:

........- computer listens the words you specify here and respond accordingly.

............- computer speaks what is written in this field according to the command which it got.
Similarly, You can Edit more commands in the same way.

Hi,JARVIS whats going on

nothing special sir

This is just a basic command If you want more advanced can use Java Scripts and VB scripts.

Tell me the Time :

This is done by using VBScript.


tell me the time

dim currentTime currentTime = FormatDateTime(Time(), 1)

Application.Speak Time

Application.SetTextFeedback Time ]]>

Make your code like this.
When You will say Time or Give me the Time , Your Computer will speak the exact Time of instant.

Similarly ...

Tell the date:

tell me the date

dim todaysDate todaysDate = Date

Application.Speak Date

Application.SetTextFeedback Date ]]>

Good Morning command:

Good moring


var today=new Date();

var t=today.getHours();


{ var say=new Array();

say[0]="Good morning sir";

say[1]="good morning,how are you";

say[2]="good morning sir , enjoy your your day";


Application.Speak(vsay); }

else if(t<23 && t>19)

{ var say=new Array();

say[0]="wrong, it's night , Good night sir";

say[1]="lol it's night , good night,how are you";

say[2]="he he he it is night , good night sir , how was your day";


Application.Speak(vsay); }

else if (t>15 && t<19)

{ var say=new Array();

say[0]="Good evening sir";

say[1]="What nonsense,good evening,how are you";

say[2]="lollipop,good evn ";


Application.Speak(vsay); }

else if (t<15 && t>12)

{ var say=new Array();

say[0]="yo man ,Good afternoon sir";

say[1]="low iq ,good afternoon,how are you";

say[2]="gaf sir";


Application.Speak(vsay); } ]]>

Note: You have to close all lines like this

Step 8: Coding Continued......

Shutdown the System

I m not able to post all the amazing commands here due to Instructables policy so please visit...

For all commands visit this link: All Jarvis voice Commands

Or you can download the PDF of Commands: Google Drive

For any query please comment below or you could Email me at :

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