Realistic Halloween Devil Horns

Make your own realistic Halloween Devil horns at home. No skill needed.. Just patience and creativity.

Step 1: Total Preparation Time and Goods Needed

OK so a friend of mine didn't know what to do for Halloween. Me being a makeup artist, made some horn props for him.

1. Total preparation time for this project was roughly 4 hours.

2. Buy some modelling clay from your local stationery store or craft store. I used else cheapo clay that air dries in 24 hours. However, the other type of clay that you can bake to dry should also work.

3. Get a toothpick, stick, or something to make some jagged lines to give the horns some character. I did this at work! So I used my bike keys from my gsxr to make the strokes on the horns.

4. Get some acrylic paint of your choice. I used black, white, and metallic gold for this project. Obviously a paint brush and some water with a pallet or paper plate will do. I used a normal plate as I have acid tone to clean it.

Step 2: Mould the Clay

1. Mould the clay into your desired shape with your hands. Make sure to take 2 equal sized clay blobs so the horns are symmetrical.

2. Take your desired tool to add character once you've smoothed out the horn with your fingers, and softly and gently stroke the horn from bottom to top. Make sure you keep the same directional pattern when making strokes. It makes it more realistic. It should come out as the pic. Bear in mind I did this at work. So the only tool i had around me was my bike keys for my gsxr. However, the effect was quite mind blowing!

Step 3: 3. Let It Air Dry

LET Them dry outside for about 3 hours or so.

Even though it stated 24 hours, mine dried fast because they were so small. Follow your clays instructions for optimum results.

Step 4: 4. Paint the Horns

OK.. So I'm arty. But it doesn't take a skilled artist to paint the horns realistically. All I did was blend the colours nicely to give it a good effect.

If you're not sure how to make it look realistic... Google to give you some ideas. If you're working with bright colours, be sure not to smudge the paint or you'll have to cover it up.

I used black, white, and metallic gold with a dry brush effect to blend the colours. I didn't have a Leonardo quality brush either. And it was too big but it got the job done carefully.

If you don't know what dry brushing is, Google it. It's simply dabbing the brush on some paper till there's barely paint on the bristles, and sort of dabbing it on to give a faded effect for blending.

Once the paint is dry, voila. You're done. Seal it with some hair spray, or clear lacquer if you have any. Even clear nail varnish will work. And that's it.

Hope you liked it!



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3 Discussions


2 years ago

mmccormack2; Google is just to get your own ideas for creativity purposes and make it original. There's no research needed as it is pretty in depth and detailed. And I also explained what 'dry brushing' is. However, thanks for the comment. I think people would appreciate their own originality in projects.

Thanks Seamster.


2 years ago

Nice work...but not much of an ible if I'm the one doing the research (Google)...;)


2 years ago

The paint job really makes these. Nicely done! :)