Receipt / Memo Holder

First of all, hi to all! This is my first Instructable and I would like to show you the process of making this really easy receipt / memo holder.

I keep having all my receipts and memo in every room and on every corner of the table. They are everywhere until you need one and, of course, you can't find it. So I wanted to have one and instead of buying one I wanted to make one myself as I really like to make things myself.

Those holders are especially good in "holding" things, which is exactly why I wanted one. You put all your receipts and/or memos on it and they are automatically in chronological order. Once it is full, you pull all of them off the holder and remove the one's on the bottom which are no longer important.

I really like the short Instructables on here, so here is my short Instructable on how to make this receipt / memo holder! Enjoy!

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Step 1: Find the Spike

I went on a hunt in the barn of my parents to find some thick enough wire to hold the receipts and which doesn't band easily. It was really rusty, so first I used a wire brush to move the biggest part of the rust. It already became a little shiny when I got some sandpaper to finish it. I put the wire inside my drill and spinned it around while keeping the sandpaper against the spike.

I went on with this process until I was happy with the result!

Step 2: Find Some Wood for the Base

In the barn I also found some wood which was originally coming from a potato storage box. I made it square and sanded the corners of the top side.

When I was happy with the result I marked the center of the base and I drilled a hole with the drill press with the same diameter as the spike. Then I applied some glue to the drilled hole and added the spike.

Step 3: The Result!

And this is the final result!

As I said, really easy, but I am very happy as this keeps my house organized and clean!

Hope you enjoyed and hope you can get inspired by this Instructable!



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    It is a really simple project. But it is so incredibly useful.