Rechargeable (homemade) Power Bank (super Easy)

Introduction: Rechargeable (homemade) Power Bank (super Easy)

Step 1: Intro

This is my first tutorial so go easy on me xD. Ok I made this charger because tired of being with out music (ipod) on school.because my school does not have power plugs.

Step 2: Partss!

Ok we need: 3x ultrafire 3.7v batteries or 3x 4 volts batteries 1xcar cell phone charger 1x toggle switch Pair of cables 1x rca female plug (you will see its use later) Tools: Hot glue Scissors Black tape Pliers

Step 3: Building This

Now comes the good part.connect the 3 batteries in series if they are 3.7v they shoud give 11.1v take apart the car charger.connect positive cable of batterie to center stem of the toggle switch.then connect the negative cable of the battery to the car charger and the rca female plug.connect the car charger positive cable to the right stem of the toggle switch and the positive cable of the rca female plug to the left stem of the toggle switch.

Step 4: Done

My name is Caleb Escobar Ríos from Puerto Rico.I hope this is of help to you.this is my first Instructable tell me how I did and comment if you dont understend or need help.thanks



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    Could i get video file of this project ?

    It need 11.1v and above to charge properly

    search me on facebook as Caleb Escobar and shows me your project

    JunJunA2 You can use this as your project but be careful

    Can I use your idea of making a power bank for my Science Investigatory Project? And of course if you agree I'd give you credit for part of my work since it's just the idea of building it is the only part that I'd like to use. Is that fine with you? :)

    Brilliant! A proper regulator, modified calculations....
    A simple if not rudementary guide for energy cells. Good work!

    Bros and sis don't make this it could be dangerous because most 18560 batteries are not protected. I made this in a time that I was 12 and didn't understand much about the dangers of li ions. Hope nobody got hurt. Go search for another tutorial, this is no good.

    And how to find 5 V voltage regulator at home

    How to make power bank for 4000 milliampere battery

    I think something's will go wrong, as you are connecting cells in series so its voltage will increase current will be same i.e. capacity is 2200mA but rate of charge flow will be triple. I think you have to connect cells in parallel to improve capacity to 6600 mA and voltage will be acceptable to charge mobiles..

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    its not in series bro look at first

    The capacity of an individual li-on of this type and size is more or less 2200mAh. In a series of three, the total comes out to around 6600mAh.

    Series ups the voltage, not capacity.

    Parallel ups the capacity, not voltage.

    Instead of rca for charging can't we add a microusb port ?

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    You WILL need a board to handle the power input. In fact, I'm pulling one out of a defunct power bank, removing the need for such things.

    However, DO NOT TRY THIS. I cannot stress this enough: it can be dangerous, even with the RCA port. If the batteries are not protected, or if the voltage is not properly regulated, bad things happen.