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Introduction: Reclaimed Ring Box

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My friend asked me to make a ring box for him to propose to his girlfriend. I made it from a red wood branch that has special meaning to the couple. It came out pretty well, he requested a lock on in since he was putting it in the water for her to catch on her fishing line.

Step 1: The Design

My friend made a design that included a pun(they love to fish). I used my cnc machine to cut it out but the top piece wasn't level so I used hot glue and some thin cardboard to level it out.

I then sprayed black paint to make the design stand out.

*Note* I forgot to document where i used a drill to drill out the hole for the ring to sit in. It was a one inch hole.

Step 2: The Hardware

I bought a cheap box to take the hardware from. It had the size I needed and was cheaper then going to a specialty shop for small pieces. I screwed everything together carefully so I wouldn't strip any of the screws.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Reclaimed Ring Box!

My friends were super happy with it and she said yes! It was a very easy build that anyone can make.

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