Reclamied Garden Fence





We moved into a new home last Fall and had to construct a fence to keep the deer and other animals out of our garden. I wanted to use materials I found around the farm, without spending any money.


-Rolls of leftover fencing

-chicken wire

-old fence post


-fencing nails


-old cans/bells/anything that makes noise

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Step 1: Post & Fencing

1. We used old fencing that was in one of the barns for post.

2. We had lots of different rolls (an sizes) of fencing left over from other projects. The farm had a few pieces of wire fence and chicken wire (for the bottom) that we also incorporated into the design.

3. We had enough all of the fencing to go around the garden. So we thought the Garden was safe...... I started noticing nibbles on my plants and realized the deer were still getting in.

Step 2: Adding to the Fence

1. I didn't want to go buy more fencing, I was committed to using all the materials from our property.

2. So, we (my son) screwed another post on top of the original post to make the fence higher.

3. Then we used twine and fencing nails to hold the twine into place.

4. I had this large roll of twine that was in the potting shed. I used an old broom hand to help us roll it out easier. It worked great!

5. In some spots we did three rows of twine and in others, where the fence was taller, we did one row of twine.

Step 3: Adding Noise Makers

1. The last thing we did was to add noise makers in different spots around the garden to scare deer away.

2. We used old cans, drilled holes in the top and attached them to the bottom piece of twine.

3. It's been a few days and I haven't noticed any more nibbles or hoof prints in the garden. I also really like the look of the twine with the old wood post. It makes me feel even more pride that I didn't spend a dime to keep my garden safe!

Our next project, we will be working on the garden gate! Right now its just a piece of fencing over lapping to keep it closed.

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    2 years ago

    If you're looking to get some really robust fencing in, besides laying bricks, posts would definitely do the trick. You think that it would be simple enough to just nail some posts into the ground but you'd be surprised at how much planning actually goes into it right? glad to see that you managed to get things done without a hitch!

    K B

    3 years ago

    If you can scrounge up the frame from a sliding glass door screen, it makes a great start for a garden gate. The frame is metal, so you can screw wood slats to the metal, and screw hinges on one side. Used one just like that for a couple of years before I scared up an old metal security door.