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We all have tons of cookie tins at home and these are really helpful for our daily lives.

When you recycle these cookie tins and make them look attractive, they wont look like junk anymore.

I hope you all like this guide and enjoy making one. You can use it keep keep your sewing accessories safe.

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Step 1:

Take a sponge, marker and the lid. Put the lid over a sponge and draw a circle around the sponge.

Glue the sponge over the lid.

Step 2:

Take a piece of fabric a bit bigger than the lid. .Then cover the lid with the fabric (over the sponge).

Apply glue around the lid. Take rubber band. Stretch it around the lid with fabric to hold the fabric. Cut off the extras.

Step 3:

Take the height of the box. Take the circumference of the box.

Cut out a piece of wrapping paper according to the measurement we did on last 2 steps

Apply glue on the tin. Wrap around the wrapping paper.

Step 4:

Take a needle, thread and a ribbon. Make some normal stitches and then pull the thread to crumble them

Use hot glue to glue them on the lid. Glue all the pieces around the lid. Decorate it with confetti's and stones. The box is ready. You can use other decorations if you wish

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