Recycled Flip-flop Art




Introduction: Recycled Flip-flop Art

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Recycled Flip-flop Art

Here is how to make art out of flip-flops!

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Step 1: Collecting Flip Flops

For this project, you are going to need to collect some flip-flops. The amount you are going to need will depend on the size of your project. I collected mine at a local beach. I filled a bag and brought them home. For the knick-knack, I am making I will need three to five flip-flops. I would recommend that you get a variety of different colors to make your art more eye-catching. I would also recommend that you get enough for two because one is likely to break.

Step 2: Cleaning and Removing Straps

For the project, I am demonstrating I will only need the bottom of the flip-flop. I removed the straps with a pocket knife and put them to the side for a future project. I then scrubbed the flipflops clean and soaked them in a tub of water for 12 to 24 hours.

Step 3: Cutting to Desired Size

Most of the flip-flops I collected are very poor quality and only half the shoe is useable. I cut all of the unusable parts of the shoe and put them to the side. I then took parts of roughly the same size and used those. I made sure I had a variety of colors to make the art look better.

Step 4: Gluing

I took all of my parts and stacked them up how I liked it. I then glued them together and set them in a clamp to dry overnight. Because I have limited tools and materials in Tanzania I had to use wood glue.

Step 5: Cutting Your Shape.

I drew out a different shape on each of my glued pieces. I then cut them out using a hacksaw but would suggest using a band saw if you have one to speed the process up. Take your time so you don't mess up.

Step 6: Giving It Edges and Finishing Up

Once I had my shape cut out I rounded the edges to make it look more natural. If it is a huge edge you could also use your bandsaw to cut out those parts. I then gave the entire thing a final coat of some medium grit sandpaper. to give it a nice smooth finish.

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    Outstanding! I love the use of uncommon materials.

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    Interesting choice of materials. I love it when people make something new and original out of common everyday materials.


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    Thanks so much for your support.