Recycled Speaker Casing and RPi2 Music Player

Introduction: Recycled Speaker Casing and RPi2 Music Player

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I wanted a cheap music player to my workroom that I could control with my mobile phone. There's dozens of Bluetooth speakers, but those with good sound quality are too expensive and they also require the music to be stored in the phone. I wanted the player to have the music in it and to be accessible to my friends as well (as my workroom is also a kind of hang around place). So therefore RPi2 (with Volumio), IQAudio's PiDigi-AMP+ (with a volume/pause-play knob) and a couple of good quality speakers would do the job just fine.

Then it was only about the casing that I needed to solve. I've got heavy cardboard cylinders from a local newspaper printing house that I just cutted shorter with a bandsaw. They were going to waste so I had collected them some years ago just in case I might some day need that kind of things. As the measurements were just perfect to my speakers (inside Ø 76 mm, outside Ø 106 mm, hence thickness 15 mm) I only needed to drill and saw an outlet for the sound cable terminal.

Of course the speaker casing needed a stand so it wouldn't fall of table as it is cylinder shaped. I took a piece of wood and with a chisel I handcarved a cool stand for the speakers. I'm damn sure it would make Bang & Olufsen jealous.

The finishing touch was made by writing the IP address to the RPi's casing so my friends can control the music player. The music is stored in an USB hard drive and for practical use I attached and configured a volume knob to the RPi's casing. The knob is also a button that either pauses or continues playing music.

Now I just love it!

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    3 years ago

    wonderful idea! i had some round zenith speakers back in the 70's. i got them at the flea market for a couple of $. they were amazingly great speakers. all the bass flowed out the bottom as they stood upright on three legs.

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    That's a good idea. I have a bunch of old cardboard tube lying around that I have been trying to find a use for. This might be a good application.