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Introduction: Recycled Tee-shirt Dog Toy

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Everyone with puppies or beagles (or worse, beagle puppies) knows the importance of things one is allowed to chew and things that one can't.

This makes good use of old shirts and keeps the fur babies happy.

Step 1: You Will Need

3 x 100% cotton tee shirts (for colour that is. One would work for function)
Really good scissors
Patience (if you are doing this with a beagle puppy...)

Step 2: Cutting

Cut the shirts in long strips about 1 inch thick. I don't worry about cutting off the hem, but I do avoid embroidery or printed patterns.

If you can get at least 40-50cm of length you will find it easier than anything less....

Step 3: Braiding

Take about 1/3 of each colour and lay them in a neat (ish) line. Tie a strong knot in the fabric. Pull on it to make it as tight as possible.

Braid to the end of the fabric tassel. Most of this won't stay braided, but it makes it easier to tie the second knot.

At the end tie a second knot. This is where patience comes in because it's not easy. Once tied, pull tight as you can.

Step 4: Release the Hounds

Now it's ready for puppy destruction.

Fortunatly with 3 shirts cut, there are enough pieces for 3 toys... As clearly one is not enough.

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    11 Discussions

    Thanks! Made this for my dog and she's happier than ever!

    1 reply

    my dogs love it

    Thank you! Mine are addicted to these... admittedly, they are addicted to whichever the other one has....

    I did this with old blue jeans that we were given for a craft project (think acid wash mom jeans). My 25 lb Tibetan terrier will hang in the air off of them.

    1 reply

    Ooooo... genius idea! I now need to try with a pair of well worn, but too well loved to throw out.

    Cool idea! And OH MY GOD. You have not one, but TWO beagles? You must be crazy. I have one and he's a handful! Respect. ;)

    1 reply

    Ha ha ha.... yes.... 2 beagles. (We used to have another as well). One beagle is impossible! That's why we got a second one....... They are much much much easier in packs.

    i love any idea that brings happiness to our best buddies, I also love any idea that repurposes reuses or recycles an object. so your two for two plus one for thinking of it. its a good day.

    THanks! I have so many useless shirts that ages old. :)

    Awww! Lookit the little buddies. :D

    Great idea using a t-shirt for this, too! I think I'll need to make one for my dog.