Refill MONT BLANC Refills by Boiling




Introduction: Refill MONT BLANC Refills by Boiling

This Instructable shows how to refill rollerball pens. Or since we know how to save 200$ by hacking MONT BLANC Refills to fit in Pilot G2 we all want to save even more by refilling the refills :)

What we'll need:

Pot with Water ,Cooker
Inkpot (I used Pelikan 4001 black. It is for fountain pens. But any ink will do)

Step 1: Boil It!

We have to put the Refill in a pot, add some water an boil it.

Step 2: Let It Suck !

After all the air leaked from the refill - this will take about 2min boiling - take tweezers and pick the refill at the end and put it into the inkpot (or pot with ink in it). Wait until chilled to room tempertaure. Ready.

Step 3: Generalizations & Extensions

Now we know the principle: Make it hot so that air expands, make it cool so that air contracts and sucks ink into the refill.
What if our rollerball pen has no refill - Yes it's its own refill. Take the whole pen. Remove all removable parts and do the same procedure. I testet this with the uni-ball. It got a bit banana-shaped but its still fine.



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    i have been really PO"d at the amount of ink that comes in a standard medium price pensuch as the uniballs with the retratable nib.Uniball Signo is one of the pens that i bought at costco in a either 10 or 20 piece set. The pens seem to last for a very short period of time, compared to my youth ,when they were competing , they seem to never run out of ink and i was in school and using them much more. I was sure they were only filling them at less than half, and as the poster said the mount Blanc , premium pens cartridges are only filled at 20% now. I will definitely try a couple of these methods, i have a lot of inkjet ink left over i should put to some use.
    My other peeve s the price of the inkjet inks. Anyone know of an instructables that shows how to make the external ink reservoir that can be used for certain printers? I know it can be bought on ebay and is adaptable to a couple printers, but seems the only way to go, or buy a Lazer which i hear is cheaper over the years. i need to get a new printer after i return this one, i found out that the Dell V310 i have , when printing only in black, still always uses the color ink. Just another way for them to force you to buy ink and cause you problems when your in a hurry and the printer wont print in black because the color ink is too low..
    Off my printer rant, which is better for refilling the zebras F-301 and uniballs s the pelikan 4001 or the inkjet printer ink?.

    MONTBLANC makes a great pen. They used to make a great rollerball blue that customers can sign contracts with in Bold. It was great. You could go to the Montblanc store, buy a box of refills and not go back for a year or more. Nowadays, they fill the cartridge about 20 percent full, the best I can tell. It lasts a couple of weeks. Cost the same or more than it used to. I appreciate the Clark Howard approach here, but I don't want to dry my razor and use it for a year. I also don't want to refill the cartridge. I just want to buy a Quality refill at whatever cost they sell it for and have it last a month or more like Montblanc used to.

    Montblanc has done this to themselves.

    To refill the uniball, try using a syringe to create a stronger vacuum. see here - refill pilot pen. The syringe vacuum principal can be used for montblanc refills if u can get a slim enough syringe and use plumber's white tape. If successful, pls let us know what ink u used. Ink formulations seem to play an important part to determine if the ball can pick up ink properly.

     How did you get the ink outta the uni ball? i haz a uni ball vision and i cant figure out how to take it out

    How many times do you suppose that ink would refill the cartridge? I imagine at least 2 or 3 times. Even with 2, you're saving like what, 20 dollars?

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    I have bought one liter of Pelikan 4001 black. so I think i can refill one thousand times that means I'll save up to five thousand dollars. Let's say I have to refill ev'ry month i'd be 110 years old, when I run out of ink and with the saved money I can pay my funeral :)

    I'm going to do this with my pen. It's a Zebra F-301 stainless. Nicest pin I've had.

    i use pilots... once i find one that is out of ink i'm going to try this. good idea!

    you can refill most pens of this type by using an inkjet printer refill and the syringe, your choice are either remove the nib and inject, drill a tiny hole in the side of the pen (really good for pens that run out quick, don't pick at any tape covering the hole though) or you can fill it throuhg the little hole on the side of the pen just before the nib (depends on pen type)

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    I did this with a syringe before because I refill my printer that way. But I always have varicolored fingers afterwards.

    trick is to draw into the syringe and tilt and draw in some air after, that way the ink doesnt fall out of the syringe as easily...

    Ok. First these Mont Blanc pens are exclusive. That means they don't want every boor write with their pens. They do a lot of research for ink and refills and balls and stuff - one other reason for the high price.
    We have seen here how just to take the refills and save the exclusive external.
    If you refill the refills you still have the soft writing feeling. Just try it.