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Introduction: Remote Hardware Monitor

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there are many PC hardware monitoring software made with great feature, but all veiw there data on the same pc your are monitoring, what about remote monitoring ?

i've made this little c# project to allow viewing your hardware data on any internet browser, dekstop or mobile, with the ability to ad it as a program in your mobile device to monitor your CPU and GPU(s) temperatures, Ram, Load & usage.

all you need to do is to download the project and run RemoteHardwareMonitor.exe which is located in


this app acts as a server, keep it running at all times to have the ability to use your mobile phone or anyother devices connected on the same network as client.

just so we don't always keep pulling data from our hardware, either you enable the little checkbox called "view here" to view the data on the app, or just click the hyper link on the bottom to copy the link to your clipboard.

if it happens and you browse the app on your phone, you can have the ability to add it on your home screen using safari for ios or chrome on android by clicking the share button on your browser, then click add to home screen.

this project is open source, took lots of time to put the skills and knowledge together.

also please make sure to allow the app on your firewall

im using port 8888 to host the client app, and port 8887 for tcp communication

the libraries used:

simpleTCP for communicate and transfer data

CassiniDev portable host for the client web app

OpenHardwareMonitor retrives the the values of sensors on hardware


Remote Hardware Monitor is a good start to learn programming, making web apps, and hosting a tcp server.

made in visual studio community 2015, pure c# and the help of forms.

enjoy and have fun .. :)

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    4 Discussions


    Question 7 months ago

    Very nice, works if connected on local network. Could it be made so i can monitor it from my mobile data?


    3 years ago

    sample code ? u get the source code when you download it .. :D


    Reply 3 years ago

    truely sorry , it was an honest mistake, i forgot .. :D