Repainting a Computer Case With Design




Introduction: Repainting a Computer Case With Design

Here is a factory stock photo of the case I will be using. It is a Dell Optiplex 745 Tower. For this project I am just repainting the case and will not be putting the components back into the case. Now normally you would want to repaint or redesign a case you are currently using. I however, am using this project to educate myself in repainting cases and what to use. Now once you've found your case you can move on.

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Step 1: Step 2: Plan What You Want to Do

You should now plan what you want to do for your case. For my project I will be doing a striped design with black and blue. You might be doing a more complex design than me however you should always plan out what you want to do. Now Google is a great tool to find ideas of repainting cases. You can always Google what designs people have done and you will be able to find a good idea.

Step 2: Step 3: Finding Your Materials

Finding your materials is very important in this project. They need to be good materials. For my project I will just be using paint however your project might need even more materials. As you can see above I am using Blue and Black spray paint. As said before your project might have different materials than mine.

Blue Spray Paint

Black Spray Paint

Step 3: Step 4: the Disassembly

For this next step you are going to want to disassemble your case. When you disassemble your case make sure to TAKE PICTURES!!!! Taking pictures is important because you might not remember when everything goes. For my project I will not be putting my components back however you should always take pictures.

Step 4: Step 5: Painting

This next step will be painting. You will have everything planned out and you will want to paint your case. This is fairly easy and only time consuming because you have to wait for it to dry After you have finished painting your case you will move on to your next step.

Step 5: Step 6: Reassemble Case.

Next step is to reassemble your case. I hope you took pictures! Pictures make this process a lot easier if you are unfamiliar with the case.

Step 6: Step 7: Complete Your Design.

Complete your design! You're almost done! For my design as said before I will be doing blue stripes on a black background. These are some pictures to help explain my design!! Once you've outlined or taped your design onto your computer you can move onto the next step!

Step 7: Step 8: Painting. Again.

Next is to paint your design onto the case. This is fairly easy however if you are using spray paint remember to stand back because if you're too close your paint might seep through the tape you put up and ruin the design.

Step 8: Step 9: Take Off Your Tape. CAREFULLY!!!!

you must take off the tape carefully. I made the mistake of trying to rush things and ended up with some tape scratches on the side of my case. Luckily I am doing this with an old decommissioned case that was not going to be used again. In my opinion the scratches add character to this case however I do not recommend pulling off the tape super fast and recommend that you take the tape off carefully.

Step 9: Step 10 Final Step: Big Reveal!

After you've taken off your tape time to admire the amazing case you just built!.

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