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I have cheap old headphones and you might argue that they outlived their days and I should get new ones, but I really like them. Once in a while they fall apart and I have to repair them. Yesterday one side started to wobble around. The sound was still working but it was quieter than on the other side. I decided to have a look and try to reapair it if it´s possible. Here is how I did it.

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Step 1: Here Is What You Need

Here is what you need to reapair the headphones:

- the broken headphones

- hot glue

- a small screwdriver

Step 2: Open It Up

Get the fluffy ear things off. Now open the casing. It should look like on the pictures.

The speakers have two sides, the front (picture 1) and the back (picture 2). Now here was my problem, the speaker fell out of the circle that should hold it in place. Now the speaker was moving around and not sending the sound directly to my ear.

I put it back in place (picture 3), that the front side of the speaker was pointing towards the ear and used hot glue to fix it.

Step 3: Next Problem

That was the first thing that wobbled. The second thing was a broken piece in the casing. This little piece of plastic should fix the screw, but it was broken. Again I used hot glue to fix it (picture 2).

Let it dry.

Now you can put the headphones back together.

Get the fluffy ear things (do they have a name?) back on the casing.

Step 4: There You Go

There you go - Reapired Headphones-

This might not save my headphones from being replaced at some point, but for now it´ll do!

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