Replace Christmas Light


Introduction: Replace Christmas Light

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How to replace a broken Christmas light

Step 1: Take Out Bulb

Take out the broken light.

Step 2: Take New Bulb Out of Bag

Take a new light bulb the same color.

Step 3: Insert Bulb

Insert the light bulb in the slot.



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    Can you feature this?

    Sure thing


    4 years ago

    Can you write an instructable on how to remove the bulb from the bag? I'm getting stuck at that step.

    These lights I have here are the home accents holiday 100 count multi color lights, which if one goes out, you can change it with no problem. If yours won't come on, make sure you make it tight by twisting the bulb. If nothing works, you may need to buy a new set.


    4 years ago

    what are the cursing you do when the new light does not light.