Replace Coil Springs (the LOW-COST Way)

Introduction: Replace Coil Springs (the LOW-COST Way)

SOMETIMES you can have a broken coil spring and not even know it. The cars not quite driving right but you’re not sure why. One trick to verifying a broken spring is to look at the other side and compare. Putting a new spring on your car isn’t hard when you understand the basic concepts. In this video I go through the basics so you can feel confident to safely install coil springs. Hope you enjoy the video.

Step 1: Take Out the Assembly

Start by putting oil that looks like it needs it. Then take out the all the bolts and take out the assembly

Step 2: Take the Strut Assembly Out of the Cover

If you use a impact hammer to take out the bolt that holds the strut in to the cover it will save you a lot of time!!

Step 3: Take Off the Old and Broken Spring

Decompress the old spring by ratcheting the compressor tool off.

Step 4: Put on the New the New Spring

Compress the new spring And put it on the strut and put the strut bolt back on.

Step 5: Reassemble Everything

Make sure you put Anti-Seize on all of the bolts before you put them all back on you will thank yourself later. Use a jack to push the holes into place and put the bolts back in.

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