Replace Plastic Swing Seats With Wood



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A restoration was needed for this swing face to face!

The plastic being brittle after 5 winters outside, I made it again in wood hoping that it lasts longer! I used solid beech (falls that I had left after making a staircase), they are covered with 3 layers of glazer. I also replaced the round head bolts that were rusty and too short.


  • jigsaw,
  • router,
  • Miter saw,
  • drill press,
  • sander


Step 1: Cutting the Shape

I used laminated / glued solid beech 38 mm thick.

I traced it in the original shape and cut it with a jigsaw and a miter saw. I used a file to round the curves.

Step 2: Drilling

I drilled the 4 holes on the drill press and used a 15 mm bur to encase the screw heads 3 mm deep.

Step 3: Grooves

I dug the 2 grooves at the router set under the workbench.

Since my 25mm mill was too worn for deep digging, I used a smaller, newer milling cutter to increase the depth of cut.

Step 4: Rounded

All edges are rounded with a milling cutter equipped with a ball bearing.

Step 5: Finishing

The seats are sanded, and receive 3 layers of protective glaze.

For the record, I used the same wood (falls) and the same vitrificateur as to make my staircase 6 years ago.

Step 6: Installation

The seats are installed with new flat head bolts (the original ones were too short and rusty).

Ready for hours of play!



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