Replacing Bath Tub Drain




This Instructable is to help people who are first timers like me.

This is the first time I have attempted any plumbing repairs and the videos are a little wonky.

Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions to make this job easier.

The tools and parts cost less than $25 US in 2017.

Thanks JC

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Step 1: Choose Your Tools

Items needed to remove and replace a modern screw in bath tub drain (not all drains are like this).

A bathtub drain wrench or sometimes called a drain key.

The new bathtub drain.

A long screwdriver, plumbers pliers (channel locks), a properly sized wrench to fit the body of the drain key, or really big channel locks (vice grips).

Step 2: Remove the Old Drain

Insert the Drain Key into the drain. One side is bigger than the other so it fits several sizes.

Rotate the key counter clockwise with a screw driver through the body of the key.

Note: if you struggle and the drain won't turn move up to a wrench of pair of channel locks like I did.

Slow and steady pressure, (NOTE) DO NOT hit the tools or the drain with a hammer or jerk on it as this may break the bottom out! Slow and steady wins the race...

Step 3: Clean the Seating Area and Apply Fresh Plumbers Putty

The new drain needs to have a fresh clean area to seat on with a healthy amount of plumbers putty.

First clean all debris out of the area .

Apply a fresh ring of plumbers putty.

1. scoop out a couple quarter size chunks of plumbers putty.

2. roll the putty between you palms to make a nice long roll like a playdoe snake.

3. place the ring of plumbers putty around the drain hole and overlap a little using your fingers to shape if necessary. (don't worry about too much putty as it will squeeze out and be easily removed with a gentle tearing motion).

Step 4: Insert the New Drain

Carefully screw in the new drain clockwise directly onto the plumbers putty.

DO NOT use the rubber gasket (it is for underneath during new installations and can be thrown away)

Use constant pressure until seated.

Step 5: Remove Excess Putty and Install the Drain Plug

The plumbers putty is easy to remove as seen in the video.

Now screw in the new stopper.

Step 6: Test Out Your Finished Repair

Fill the tub and listen for leaks.

Open the drain and enjoy you quick fix.

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    Question 6 months ago on Introduction

    The person who tried to fixy drain broke the crossmembers in the fitting trying to remove it. What can I do to remove it without something for the wrench to bite into?