Replacing an Idle Air Control Valve (Honda Civic 1999 D16Y7).

Introduction: Replacing an Idle Air Control Valve (Honda Civic 1999 D16Y7).

My car's idle valve has been giving some trouble since 2009. My quick fix was to spray power lube into its control surfaces and it would behave properly for about 6 months each time.

I finally got a replacement valve for my D16Y7 civic engine. Here is how I replaced the oem with the new one.

Step 1: Remove the Air Filter and Unclip the Map and Tps Sensors Plus the Iacv.

I needed the throttle body off in order to remove the idle air control valve.

Some years ago I had removed the coolant lines to the idle air control valve since in the Caribbean we don't get freezing temperatures.

Step 2: Unbolt the Throttle Body.

Quite easy. Two bolts and two nuts. I used power lube on them before removal.

Step 3: Remove the Old Valve.

Both the valve and gasket comes off at this point. I used an 8mm socket and Rachet to get the 4 bolts off.

The throttle body section where the old valve mated was a bit corroded so I used a brass brush to clean it up.

Step 4: Comparison.

Here is both the old and new. I'm hoping the new lasts long enough. I shall keep the oem as a spare.

Step 5: Install the New Valve and Reassemble.

The new valve with its gasket was installed with the bolts torqued with my digital tool. The Honda manual calls for 22 Nm.

The throttle body was reinstated and the car tested. It worked right away and I revved plus cycled the air conditioning a few times and the idle speed was governed well!

Job well done!

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