Replacing the Dip Stick Boot on a VW Type II Bay Window Bus at Techshop.




Introduction: Replacing the Dip Stick Boot on a VW Type II Bay Window Bus at Techshop.

This instructable shows you how to replace the dip stick boot on a late model bus without removing the fan shroud.  Don't let the brevity of this instructable fool you.  It will probably take you a couple hours and a great deal of frustration to actually accomplish this task.  Although it is still faster than removing the entire fan housing.

Step 1: What You'll Need

1. A proper replacement boot.  Get a viton one if possible.
2. A flat head screw driver. Preferably one that doesn't have any sharp edges, well worn.
3. Lots of patience.
4. A good amount of arm strength in muscles you don't even know exist.

Step 2: Somethings in the Way...

Remove the dipstick.  Ask me how I learned this while wondering why an old boot wouldn't come free.  

Step 3: Duct Tape?

First remove whatever was left by the previous owner... or in this case myself when I had to get back on the road and couldn't wait for the post man.

Step 4: Lets Heat Things Up a Little Bit.

Boil some water and soften up the rubber dip stick boot by submerging it for a few seconds. 

Step 5: Ta Da! Magic

Put in new boot.  Congratulations you're done!

Actually this was 2 hours of cursing and muscle cramps.  Ultimately the only way to get this thing on is to do the following:
0. Get in zen mode, it'll be really easy to lose your head after it's popped off for the 18th time. breathe.
1. The big end must go on first.  It seems counter intuitive but is by far the best way.
2. Get your hand all the way up in there.  Don't try and rely on just a couple fingers.
3. Get over being covered in oil... convince yourself that it's helping you complete your mission.
4. Push the large end of the boot down over the top end of the tube leading into the oil pan. 
5. Use the dull screwdriver to stretch the boot over the lip of the steel tube while you push down with all your strength.
Don't tear the boot with the screwdriver!  You'll be sorry and waiting another week for shipment.  
Maybe order two from the start...
6.  Once you get the boot all the way around the tube carefully push it down until it's fully seated. Thankfully the hard part is now over. As long as you don't manage to somehow pull it off in the next couple steps...
7.  Now you just have to push the whole boot down and get the little side started on the dipstick end.
8. Once it's started the elasticity in the rubber will actually help seat the top side. Give it an extra couple pushes to make sure it's on all the way.

Woo! One less oil leak... hopefully.  

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    Tip 2 years ago on Step 2

    Removing the tinware around the heat exchangers on the dipstick side of the engine let’s you get your hand above to help remove/replace the boot.

    If you have fat fingers, this may not be applicable to you and you should seek help from someone of a smaller build.