Resetting Forgotten Windows 7 Password





Introduction: Resetting Forgotten Windows 7 Password

Have you forgotten the password to your Windows 7 machine and don't have a Windows Recovery Disk?

In this instructable I'll teach you how to reset the password to your account in roughly 20 minutes.

It is intended for educational purposes only. I will not be held responsible for any misuse of this instructable. This instructable may or may not work on certain computers due to the start-up repair mode being locked by some administrators.

Step 1: Equipment Needed

Laptop/Desktop running Windows 7




Step 2: Entering Windows Error Recovery

Tap F8 when the Windows Splash screen begins to load. Upon entering the Advanced Boot Options, you may or may not see the "Launch Startup Repair" option, if possible click on it, if not, press control-alt-delete, and repeat the previous steps.

Step 3: Start-Up Repair

Wait until the Start-up Repair has finished checking your computer for problems, then click on the problem details, and scroll down and click the link: X:\windows\system32\en-US/erofllps.txt.

Step 4: Accessing File System Part 1

Click on file, open, then click on the computer image. After doing this, click on your main hard disk drive, it varies for different computers, in my case I click on drive "C:". If you click on the wrong drive, click on the computer icon again and try the next drive.

Step 5: File System (Continued)

Click on Windows, then change the types of files to 'All Files', after doing this click on 'system32'.

Step 6: Copying and Renaming Files

Make a copy of the 'cmd' (Command Prompt) and rename the copy 'sethc' (this will modify the system's accessibility options) and rename the other existing 'sethc' file 'sethc1'. This step essentially reassigns the accessibility of the command prompt. Now exit the window and when prompted to continue the system restore or cancel, click cancel.

Step 7: Resetting Password

Start your computer up normally. When prompted to enter your password at the login screen, tap shift key about five times, this will cause the command prompt to appear. Type in net user (your username) and your new password.



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I push copy but nothing comes out. What do I do?


Tip 3 months ago

It is a great tutorial. However, for most of people, this method is so hard especially those who have less computer skills. Actually, it only takes a few minutes to remove the password with PassMoz LabWin. I just did it on my Windows 10 laptop.


Just boot your PC from Windows 10 installation disc, open up the Command Prompt and replace sethc.exe with cmd. Reboot to the login screen and you can access an elevated Command Prompt, and reset your password using the net user command.
You can also follow this youtube video to reset your password.

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I bought the iseepassword Pro version and downloaded the software to a 2GB USB drive, it helped me reset my login password on my windows 10! Thanks!!

Thanks, i used iseepassword to rest my local admin password on my win 10, 64 bit.

No matter what I do, I still couldn't access Startup Repair with Windows 10. In the end I used a bootable media to obtain access to my computer account:

thanks for sharing, I am very inspired by the existence of this article. I have a blog topic that is almost the same. I hope we can share and be a friend who can always give positive feedback. but my blog using indonesian language.

cara Reset password windows 10 8 7 tanpa CD

Thanks for the sharing,but it is little difficult for me to understand maybe I am not easy with this kind of issues.I usually use password tool Windows Password Recovery Software

to deal with them, it works very well and easy to operate, free download now

If you forgot Windows local administrator password, this password recovery tool can help you recover it in a fast and effective manner , supporting for all major Windows systems. This following tutorial explains how to use Windows Password Recovery Professional to remove/recover your Windows local user password.

User guide:

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If you forget the login password for your Windows, I recommend you to try iSeePassword Windows Password recovery tool, with it, you can create a reset disk with your USB and then you can easily unlock your password.

I personally used this method and it worked perfectly!

use renee passnow to reset the windows password:

You can also use PCUnlocker to remove lost windows password.

It says: Command Completed but when i type in the password it dont work!