Reverse Bear Trap Mask From Saw I




This is how I made the reverse bear trap mask from Saw I.  I uploaded a picture of the one in the movie so you can see what it really looks like. 

I really wanted to go as her for Halloween but couldn't find anything online that looked like this.  So I decided to make it out of cardboard, tape, some bolts, and a lot of spray paint.

It took me a few weekends but I trashed my first prototype.  My boyfriend went as billy the puppet and we won the costume contest!

Step 1: Carboard Cut Out

The first step to making the reverse bear trap is cutting out the cardboard. I used some old boxes that we had lying around.  The thicker, the better.  You don't want a flimsy mask! 

Then I used the bottom of a drinking glass and a ruler to make the outline.  The top and bottom of the mask will have the scalloped edge.  The part where the two parts touch in the middle (where your lips would be) is just a rounded edge.

Then you want to create a thicker piece of cardboard to go over your head and hold both sides of the jaw pieces you just made.  You can mold it a bit but the weight of the jaw pieces and lock on back should hold it to your head and make it easy to take on and off.

You can see in the picture with Billy how the side pieces look.  I glued a longer piece to the jaw pieces and wrapped them around to connect with the head piece.  I did the same with a piece in the back.  Make sure to put your head in and measure!

Step 2: Newspaper and Spray Paint

After you create all the cardboard pieces to the mask, you're ready to newspaper.  This was kind of like a paper mache process.  Rip the newspaper in uneven strips and glue to the cardboard.  Make sure you lay newspaper over the edges so it makes it smooth.  Use a lot of Elmer's glue.  Smear it all over the newspaper, underneath and on top.  Let it dry over night.

Next, go to Home Depot and find some good rusty looking spray paint.  They usually have some metallic brown or silver.  You can also mix and match.  This is up to you.  I used a rust colored hammered finish.  Paint all your pieces and let them dry outside.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Finally start piecing together the mask.  Use heavy duty tape to attach the jaw pieces to the head strap and the back strap.  Use spray paint to cover the tape.

Once you have the basic mask done, you can start adding extras.  I got some nuts and bolts and actually drilled some holes in the front of the mask.  This definitely made it look more realistic.  I also found a tubing piece at Home Depot so I added that to the top of the mask (see pic).  And I used a real padlock on the back.  This helped weigh the mask down on the bottom and even out on my head.  The timer was a print out of an image I found on the web and the bottom of a plastic cup!  I glued a strip of thin cardboard around it and glued it to a board with some spray painted thumbtacks.

The costume was a huge hit and people couldn't believe I made it myself!  Let me know if you try this out!



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    the base is a single block of triangular shape. On it I glued a kind of "box" made of tailored pieces of cardboard glued together with masking tape (in total 8 pieces for the upper part, and 8 for the part below, which are identical) . Then, like the rest of the mask, I covered it all with 3 layers of paper mache. Within each recess I glued a piece of wood cut to size and painted ( Above the grooves, the protrusions are wall plugs (, the largest I've found, the I cut the tip and I glued the two parts together, I painted and then glued on the rest of the structure. This is the part that unbalances the mask, but the steel lock behind balances throughout.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    thanks your look so dafined i have a freind i might use this as a prank he is terrfied of jigsaw

    Hey, thanks a bunch for this tutorial; it was extremely helpful! Here's mine:


    8 years ago on Introduction

    great instructable.....if you want a more movie accurate one tho send me a PM and i will tell you EXACTLY what to do

    your trap is soooooooooooooooo cool and i am making mine today because i am making a clip on which is coming 2010


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks!  Yea, if I had enough time I would have added more.  I might add more if I use it for another Halloween.

    i personaly have never seen the movie but (i dont like to be scared i like scaring) i have seen previews and this looks like it. nice ible.