Rings of Newton & With Upgrade

Introduction: Rings of Newton & With Upgrade

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See the Edmund Scientific fringing ring demonstration device surrounded by a prism and lenses in my shop that did little to enlarge the rings that are presented.. Later an iPhone enhancement is responsible for the closeup pictures..

The man who history credits with first noticing interference fringes and described the phenomena was Robert Hooke in his 1664 book Micrographia and later studied by Isaac Newton in 1717 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Newton .

Interference fringing pattern is a phenomena readily visible today https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton%27s_rings#The... .

See a brief 42 second video of a hand held monochromatic light reflecting the constructive / destructive fringing image on a ring demonstrator to a white paper towel..

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Constructive interference and Destructive interference in monochromatic light is what creates the dark and light bands usually viewed through a microscope.. (A) light beam enters a glass passing (C) say half through the other side while the (B) half reflects back in the direction it came from something like a mirror.. Meanwhile the portion of light (C) that continued through is reflected by a second glass as (D) and joins the first reflected beam (C)...

If (C&D) are in phase a bright spot will appear but if (C&D) are 180' degrees out of phase there will be a dark no light spot..

This subject is covered in better detail by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton%27s_rings#The...

There are several diagrams and pictures that help convey the ring generation and demo construction..

Finally there is a distorted ring photo I made using a monochromatic defocused UV laser, a white light rainbow fringe pattern and a red laser microscope ring view for you to see..

Step 2: Photograph With Rings

Newton's rings is explained on the same basis as thin-film interference, this includes such effects as "rainbows" seen in the last picture on the BurningMan playa post storm water, thin films of oil or in soap bubbles. The only difference is that here the "thin film" is a thin layer of air or vacant space between color correcting glass lenses as clear epoxy filler or screw on light filters.

Photographs, scanners and all manner of image manipulation devices are prone to undesired ringing effects as the pictures demonstrate.. https://www.bing.com/search?q=newton+rings+photogr...

The above URL offers many click subjects for those annoying effects that are ringing your fringe bell and study how to best avoid it !

Step 3: Future BLACK LIGHT

We now understand how destructive light interference works, lets predict a doable Future technology..

It should come as no surprise that small Quantum computers and a directed multi modal mega photon coherent emitter like laser array can create a directed Black Light which could take say control a 4" round beam array to destructively interfere with all visible light in a physical area by simply placing the same frequency light 180' out of phase packet to packet or in a word send antiphotons to negate individual photons reflecting from some nearby surface ..

After all, one of our Smart phone manufacturers is currently boasting their optical camera can react to a single photon... Well if you can detect it, it certainly wont be long before someone can negate it from view.

We already have White, IR, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Ultra Violet portable Lighting..

This concept of a Real Non-UVBlack Flash Light is a direct result of my dear friend Sig S. an esteemed Professor avid photographer asking me about Newton like rings in some of his intriguing photographs..

It is not hard to believe, that Sci-Fy whimsy has often lead to a real physical working devices !

In the last pic I demonstrate how useful a No-LITE is used.. By Simply instructing the quantum computer to Black anything over a base intensity. You will see a less distracting image !!

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    2 years ago on Step 3

    Not surprised my Black Light whimsy has left you speechless ;)