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About: Hi, my name is Stefan and I like outdoor adventures, reading, biking, and making things!

I love making robots and decided to share a fun and inexpensive way of making a robot dog!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

1) Copper wire

2) Blutack

3) One nut

4) Four medium sized screws

5) One small screw

6) Metal pipe thing (I have no idea how you get hold of these since I found mine on the road)

7) One spring

8) A hot glue gun

9) A soldering iron (if you don't have one of these, super glue will work too)

Step 2: Making the Dog's Tail

First, at the end of your copper, bend a hook to stop the tail pulling out later. Then, halfway up, bend a right angle.

Step 3: The Body

Now glue on your dog's tail, and poke the spring into its body. When the spring is in and the tail on, put the small screw below the spring so that the spring is pointing up a little (as shown in the photos). Then fill the dog's body with hot glue (this is easier and quicker than soldering).

Step 4: The Head

Once the glue is dry, you can put the head (which is your nut) on! If your spring is the right size the nut should screw onto the spring nicely. Otherwise you can glue or solder it on.

Step 5: The Legs

Lastly, for the legs. For this step it is easier if you blutack the legs (the medium screws) to some paper so they don't slide around.For putting the legs on if you have a soldering iron that's great, but if you don't, superglue will still work. As you can see in the photos, just put the dog's body on top of its legs and wait until the glue is dry or the metal is cool before taking the dog off the paper. Your dog is finished! I hope you enjoyed this instructable.



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    18 Discussions

    ST NZrafununu

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for the words of wisdom. I realize I should have called this instructable something like 'scrap metal dog' since it doesn't move.

    ST NZLindaM340

    Reply 2 years ago

    No sadly :\ . It's just a decoration. I probably should have called this instructable 'scrap metal dog' since it isn't actually a robot but I didn't think of it at the time. :-)

    ST NZanant kumar

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hmm, unfortunately it has a severe case of paralysis! :|


    2 years ago

    With the mane, it looks most like a chow chow. But it could easily pass for a lion, were someone hoping to build an exotic animal robot menagerie.

    1 reply