Robot Invasion Toy




Introduction: Robot Invasion Toy

The robot invasion toy is a device for surveillance camera entertainment. It is a contraption that positions a threatening, evil-looking robot in front of a surveillance camera. The idea is that the person looking through the camera is suddenly confronted with a robot looking back at them.
The robot is attached to a spring. Passers-by can make it bounce back and forth by pulling a string.


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Step 1: Go to Your Local Hardware Store

Go to your local hardware store. You will probably find all the ingredients there.

Step 2: The Things You Will Need

1) Zip ties
2) A spring-like device such as this "Presto Whip" stirrer.
3) Bendable pipe (can be found in the plumbing section)
4) A threatening-looking robot (the more guns the better)
5) Some string and a "pull" sign.

Step 3: Putting Everything Together

Attach the spring-like stirring device into the flexible pipe. In this case, just shoving the stirrer into the pipe attached the two things firmly and no other method of attachment was needed. The robot is then attached using zip ties.

Step 4: Attach the Robot

This method of attaching the robot is not ideal, because the robot can be yanked off easily. But if you don't have much time, zip ties work o.k.

Step 5: Add a String & Invitation to Pull the String

Add a string and an invitation to pull the string to make the robot bounce back and forth.

Step 6: Attach Everything to the Surveillance Camera

Quickly climb up to the surveillance camera of your choice and attach the whole contraption in such a way that it looks menacingly into the camera. Zip ties are a good way of doing this quickly and easily.

Step 7: Entertain the Surveillance Camera

Now everything is ready. When the string is pulled, the robot bounces back and forth in front of the surveillance camera. I found that people tend to yank the robot pretty hard. therefore, it might be better to just leave the interactive part out.

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    I would have wanted to see a video or a picture from the surveillance camera ...


    12 years ago on Introduction

    What you should do is suspend the robot from a bungee, above the visual field of the camera, with a thin fishing line leading to the "pull" sign, then it's only visible when people pull.