Arduino Controlled Robot Lawnmower - Ultrasonic and RGB Sensors ( Arduino 控制機器割草機 - 超聲波和RGB傳感器)- Howard Taylor Robot Lawnmower - YouTube





Introduction: Arduino Controlled Robot Lawnmower - Ultrasonic and RGB Sensors ( Arduino 控制機器割草機 - 超聲波和RGB傳感器)- Howard Taylor Robot Lawnmower - YouTube

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Tired of cutting the grass... so, developed a robot lawnmower!

Infinite detail on YouTube...

The whole playlist

Introduction to the Channle



Part 30 of the lawnmower project - cutting grass!

Step 1: All the Parts... 所有零件

Here's a description of all the parts

  • Arduino Mega Arduino Mega 2560
  • Motors
  • Ultrasound sensors
  • RGB sensor
  • OLED display
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Wheels
  • Wood


  • 控制板
  • 馬達
  • 超聲波傳感器
  • RGB傳感器
  • 有機發光二極體顯示器
  • 鋰離子電池
  • 輪子
  • 木板

Step 2: Attach Wheels to Motors 將車輪連接到馬達

Attaching the wheels to the motors was tough going... 將車輪安裝到馬達上是費勁的...

Step 3: Making the Chassis 製作底盤

Here is the chassis made from wood and the first test of it moving around


Step 4: Fitting the Electronics 安裝電子產品

Planning and fitting the computer and sensors was tough going...


Step 5: Modifications... 修改.......

Had to change the wheels out


Step 6: When It Finally Cut Grass! 當它終於可以割草!

Testing was great fun... and when it finally cut grass! Whoop whoop!

非常有趣的測試...且當它終於可以割草! 哇!




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    22 Discussions

    Great, now all it needs is an Ardupilot to make it follow a pattern :-)

    1 reply

    what are the specs on the motors and where did you get them? Also what is cutting the grass, I didn't see any cutter?

    1 reply

    I just saw the video of the hacksaw blade, sorry I missed it before. btw Good Job.

    1 reply

    Great! I've thought about making a robot lawnmower, wonderful to see someone actually did it. I'd probably use less computing power and use physical barriers or buried wire to keep it on the lawn, but I admire this more advanced approach. I wonder if a different cutting method or blade would work. Also, this seems to be crying out for a solar panel and circuitry to assist the batteries and recharge them when it's not running.

    1 reply

    Nice one!

    I wondered if you could suggest some part numbers / specs / eBay links for the motors and wheels? This looks like my entry project in to Robotics!



    11 months ago

    I need a Weed mower as all of my grass is dying :( Great job Though.

    1 reply

    Haha! - You need weed and feed from your local hardware store! - Then some grass seed to cover the bald patches! :-)

    Very neat idea, I thought about doing this awhile ago for a science fair project! It would be more helpful if you put more details in the steps instead of just links.

    p.s. the links didn't work for me

    2 replies

    How do you keep it from leaving the yard?

    1 reply

    It uses an RGB colour sensor... please feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel for more info!

    I wish I had something like this! I get a sinus infection every time I mow the lawn. >.<;