The Real Size LowCost Robot Wall.e Made From Water Pipe and Scraps




Introduction: The Real Size LowCost Robot Wall.e Made From Water Pipe and Scraps

About: I'm Eric Dirgahayu, although my education in films art director and cinematography, but I like all of thing about robotics. and i have making a many of lowcost Robots. :) find them at my youtube channel http...

Wall.e... who is not familiar with this robot? He's a funny robots and more importantly he is a great robot, but it's more great if you have wall.e yourself at home. Let's create a real size robot wall.e with material from the stuff around the House. (I made this in Descember 2012 until January 2013)


Step 1: Making the Eyes

for the first step, collect materials that will be used to make eye Wall.e, unused pvc plastic water pipes and other unused items like in the picture. for our water pipes for the two parts. the whole curved tube, and the other part is cut roughly in half to 30cm and then molded into a plastic plate use hot fire flame for traighten the water pipe. make a shape like a pair of binoculars that will be eye WALL.E. make it like you make a paper craft but using material plastik plate. and than put the lens, make a 2 eyes, to unite the two eyes use a small piece of water pipe diameter 10cm diameter 3ich, attach a small gearbox in the middle to later dancing eyes to make a sad expression. unite all sections, and make the neck of the small size of the water pipe.

Step 2: Making a Body

with plated pipe, create a box 30cmx30cm for the top i using storage container that has been unused money.body shape resembles wall.e bodies look into details of the character shape Wall.e. make like you make a paper craft but using diferent material not paper but pvc plastic plate. for WALL.E logo made writings to arise, I made by hand that print with letters made of thick paper and printing on pvc plastic plate, heated and pressed so that the letters arise in.

Step 3: Making a Hand

I make hand WALL.E like I just made a papercraft but with different materials are water pipes pvc. I cut the pipe plate into small parts and forming a finger and than hand. put some motor at each joint, one motor for rotation of the wrist, 1 motor to raise their hands, and one motor for rotation of the base of the arm. 3 dc motor gearbox for each hand.

Step 4: Join Head, Body and Hand Than Put a Some Motor and Electronic

After all the body and head combined, I put a sound system with mp3 player and put a sound effect wall.e sound file and to controller all motor im using 4 module of transmitter and receiver cheap RC car with different frequencies. this wall.e using 11 little dc motor gearbox and 2 high tors motor gearbox, 3 motors gearbox on each hand, 3 motor on head, 2 motor for hidrolic system. and 2 high tosr motor for the wheel.

Step 5: Making a Base Body (casis) for the base of body I used acrilic flat so can more stronger, and system hidrolik I replace with a simpler system and cheap.

Step 6: Making a Wheel

for wheel pad I used 4 layer small pieces from the plate Pvc pipe, for wheels I used the former lory wheels, and motor im use 12-24volt high tors motor and relay than battery for actuator system.

Step 7: Joint All Part and Test

Step 8: Painting

this a manual painting spray and hand painting with effect scrat and old look like.

Step 9: Making the Remote Control

this is combination from 3 cheap RC remote car with different frequencies in 1 case so now i have 6 channel cheap remote controller for controling head, hand and the wheel. plus 1 Ir remote to play the sound effect on mp3 player inside the wall.e body

Step 10: Finish

now i have a friend at my home... sorry not detail and complete step and some pictures using Indonesian language because i made him from December 2012 so i don't have much document left, and my English not really good, so it is difficult to explain with the correct writing, but I would like to share what I can create, even just make a lowcost wall.e, currently my wall. e still with simple system , but when I have sufficient funds i will upgrades to be more intelligent and autonomous. Thank you :)

(for more lowcost project video coming soon on Instructables)

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    mas bro eric, dulu dah ku dokumentasi kesemuanya.. eh ketemu orangnya di sini "" ,,, Hell Yeah IT.!

    1 reply

    Ah...baru kebaca commentnya...makasih...makasih...

    Hebat mas!! Ini baru maker. Terinspirasi banget sama track pad-nya. Bisa diperjelas lagi ga proses pembuatannya? Itu joint-nya pake apa ya supaya fleksibel begitu?

    3 replies

    terimakasih mas, wah document2 soal pembuatannya gak ada lagi mas, dah lama sih bikinnya , untuk joint pad pada wheelnya awalnya pake kawat serat mas, tapi sekarang dah diganti menggunakan kabe tie jadi kalo ada kerusakan di wheelnya gambang gantinya

    kawat serat yang kayak gimana tuh mas? ngambil dari kabel kah? kalau cable ties diapakan tuh sampe bisa saling interlock? kalau ada fotonya sangat membantu banget mas. :)

    Kawat buat nyangga tiang antena tv itu loh yg flexible. Kl pk cable tie yg disambung trs hingga penuh. Gak ada photonya, si Wall.e nya ada di Sukabumi. Sy lg di Surabaya jd gak bs foto.

    His eyes (i mean head) are smaller than tge movie

    1 reply

    Yes Enzymes, because i use scraps material so i use material i have. The size of water pipe i have is 3,5 inch thats time... and the motor not to much have tors for hold the more biger head. :)

    What is it you used for the tracks? It looks truly inspired... I've been struggling with my own bot, and have decided to use tracks as well, but unfortunately haven't the foggiest idea what to use/where to go for them

    1 reply

    Ups Sorry for late repply...just back from my buzy days, the track same material i using pvc water pipe. 4 layer little plat pvc.