Rope Tire Chains for Better Traction

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I have to give my brother credit as the original source for the idea behind this instructable, he tells the tale of crossing a Colorado Rocky Mountain pass in a blinding blizzard by tieing ropes around the tires of a 78 T-Bird,

Rope Tire "Chains" for better traction provide the traveler with a less arduous option, both economic and physical than do traditional tire chains, for a host reasons, first and for most being cost. A good set of chains cost plenty, RTCs cost essentially nothing.

Back in my outlaw days, I found myself in of need better traction way too often, older & wiser now I am more prepared for the inevitable need for better traction, thanks to the RTCs I recycled out of plastic shopping bags.

I am sharing this Instructable with you in hopes that you will never be needing better traction but if someday you need better traction, may this help you as it has me.

For this Instructables, project you will need some gumption and a bunch of used plastic shopping bags from your local market

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Step 1: Recycling Plastic Shopping Bags in to Rope for RTCs

Once you have procured some plastic shopping bags in need of recycling, take them one at a time and split the sides under the handle loops to the bottom making a loop of plastic, repeat as needed.

A. Take 2 of the plastic loops and tie them together by pulling one through the other, repeat as needed to make 1 strand, you will need to make 3 strands.

B. Braid the 3 strands together adding loops as needed.

Step 2: Rope to RTC

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    2 years ago

    Cool how you used plastic bags! And cool idea for better traction