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Introduction: Rubber Band Powered Boat

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When we were small we loved to sail boat especially I,I loved it so much that many a times I used to make a paper boat and sail it in my bath tub by making waves with help of my hands.I used to say to my friends that one day I will make my own ship and I will be the captain of that ship and all my friends used to laugh at me.Well now I don't know that I will be a sailor or not but I can promise to myself that I will try.


Well let's relive our childhood moments through this instructables.We will make a boat that will get its power from rubber band.It is very easy to make and very cheap also.You can make the boat as big as you like but I wanna tell you that if you make a small boat then it will be easy to sail it as the friction between it and water will be less.So I will make a small boat so I don't get any difficulty in sailing it but you can adjust its size according to you choice but if you make a big boat then you have to wind up the rubber band more.

As I said that it will be rubber band powered so you all may have got an idea that we are going to wind up the the rubber band and I wanna tell that as more you wind up the rubber band the more it will go far.So now let's begin.....


This disclaimer is a legal notice covering the injuries caused while working on this instructable. Do at your own risk and Do not play with rubber band because it can hurt someone.

Step 1: How It Works

Many people have asked me that this will work or not because they doubt on the power of rubber band.I think that they should know the science behind it and then they will believe it.When

Science behind it: When we wind up the rubber band our muscular energy transforms into potential energy in rubber band and when we leave the rubber band its potential energy transforms into mechanical energy in rubber band and propeller which gives it motion.And when the propeller moves it apply force on the water in backward direction and according to third law of motion:- every action has its equal and opposite reaction which means that when propeller apply force to water in backward direction then water also give equal force to boat by which it moves in front.

So this is the science behind it and now I think that no one will question me about its working and for more satisfaction you can see the video at the last step.

Step 2: Materials Required

All the things we will need in this instructable are easily available,cheap and we require very few things to make it.We all need is just:

4 ice cream sticks-3 sticks will be used in making our frame and one stick will be used as our propeller.

Fevicol-It will help in making frame

Rubber band-It will give power to our boat


Note: I have used ice cream sticks they are easy available,float very well and we don't need to make their shape but you can make this boat with another type of wood that floats well.

Step 3: Making the Frame of Boat

Put the fevicol on one end of an ice cream stick now similarly put fevicol on one end of another ice cream stick. These two ice cream sticks will act as side bars of our boat and these side bars should be strong because they have to endure the force of stretched rubber band.

Step 4:

Put the end of ice cream stick on which we applied fevicol in previous step on third ice cream stick at 90 degree and similarly put other ice cream stick which we took in previous step on another end of third ice cream stick with end on which we applied fevicol.

The third ice cream stick which we have taken in this step will act as our front bar of our boat. Now let the fevicol to dry for 1 hour so that the frame get enough strong to endure the force which we will be applied by rubber band.

Step 5: Fixing the Rubber Band

So now lets fix our power giving rubber band with the frame. Take the frame which we have made. Put a free end of the frame into the rubber band and now stretch the rubber band such that another end can also be inserted into the rubber band as shown.Now there will be a gap between the two sides of the rubber band through which our propeller will be inserted.

Step 6: Fixinf the Propeller

Now put the remaining ice cream stick between the two sides of the rubber band at the center of the rubber band so that during the winding of rubber band it apply equal force on both parts of the rubber band.The ice cream should also be placed with its center so that when it turns it can apply equal force on water with both halves of the ice cream stick to go in front.

Step 7: Preparing the Boat for Sale

Now boat is ready and its time for winding the rubber band. Rotate the propeller such that the half ice cream stick(propeller) which is in middle of the frame go to back from above the rubber band and the second half of the ice cream stick which is at back comes in middle of the frame from below the rubber band.Now continue to wind it in same manner and stop when it is very difficult to wind it any more because if you will try to wind it more then frame of our boat or rubber band can break.

Step 8: Sailing of Boat

Now we had done winding of the rubber band so let it sale.Put it in the water which must be at least 7 cm deep and enough long for boat to sail.

Now let it sale and if its winding finishes again turn the propeller in the same way did earlier and put it in water.


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    Mr AbAk
    Mr AbAk

    5 years ago

    We support kiteman ....And in childhood we played with such boats...


    5 years ago on Introduction

    That's got to be the most minimalist powered craft I have ever seen!

    Just a thought; have you tried replacing the "propeller" stick with a shorter one? Bizarrely, it may actually go faster.