Run Old CD Rom Drive As a Cassette Inside a Car




Introduction: Run Old CD Rom Drive As a Cassette Inside a Car

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Today we will learn how to convert old CD Rom Drive into a cassette inside a car or home.

With very pure sound and very high efficiency.

The cost is less than the purchase price of the new cassette. We will be implemented at low cost and simple possibilities.

Step 1: About the Project

The project is based on an old CD-ROM drive.

Old CD-ROM drive must have Earphone Jack pin.

There has to be that the key to raise and lower sound.

Modern models there is no connection to headphones.

Step 2: How to Power the Old CD ROOM Drive?

Note that there are four wires in three colors.

You can cut this part of the old computer Power Supply.

Two black wire in the middle to the ground.

Yellow wire with the 12-volts.

Red wire with the 5- volts.

We will need two Buck Converter. one of them 12 volts , the other 5 volts.

We will need a battery or electrical transformer

Transformer or Adapter must be no less than one and a half ampere. or 2 ampere.

Also we will need any kind of computer speakers to amplify the sound output from the CD-ROM drive.

Step 3: Connecting the Battery With Old CD-ROM Drive.

We connect the positive and negative battery with the pair Buck Converter.

Disc CD Rom must be Audio.

If you would like operating inside the car will need an audio amplifier circuit.

If you would like operating inside the car do not use a power with linear voltage regulator.

Even have to speak a clear .. Do you want to connect a CD Rom drive inside the car or inside the house?

If the connection is inside the car , you have to use two Buck Converters pair (5 V - 12 V).

If the connection is inside the house is better for the Power Supply hooked up with an old computer.

If not you will need an electrical adapter with your Converter pair (5 V - 12 V).

You will also need to link computer Headphone pin.

Computer earphone jack must have done two lines stereo for two speaker not mono for one speaker.

I hope that the idea is clear.


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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Good idea. But it's not explained how can you wire it as a cassette. By what is written sounds like a CD player without any controls. Also vibration is a factor you need to consider when it comes to running stuff in a car. But the base idea is good, just needs a bit more explanation/development.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Hello metaliste,

    The CD room need amplifier circuit.

    Every one chooses a appropriate circuit available to him.



    Reply 3 years ago

    I think he meant by "cassette in a car" a car radio. :)


    3 years ago

    thank you my muslim brother . from turkey ehlem ve sehlem. şükran


    Reply 3 years ago

    Hello, my friend great Turkey


    3 years ago

    Since i got no money or a walkmen i build a similar item some years ago. It was a CD-ROM combined with a voltage regulator and a 12 volts rc-car accu to act as a discman.

    I had to carry it in shoulder bag because it was so big and of course you got to walk slow to avoid music interrupts. Execept volume, play/pause and eject you couldnt control anything. It plays for about 30 - 45 minutes, enough for a walk with dog in the park. :D

    One of my favourites.