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Introduction: Run Windows XP on Android Device

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Ever wanted to run Windows XP on your Android Device? Ever thought if running desktop OS on your mobile?

As many users don’t know, it is actually possible to run the Windows XP on your Android device. Even though it runs very slowly, it is an impressive feature so read this tutorial carefully to learn something new you never knew your Android is capable of.

By referring this article and using few simple techniques you can run XP on your device and this technique will surely impress your friends. For doing this project you need certain things to be done which are given below and the other thing is that if your phone is rooted then this is not going to work and if your phone lags due to low RAM, less than 512MB then you don't need to run it because it is going to make your system very slow or have SD card lower then 1.5 GB memory.

Remember, it takes about 2 hours to complete the process so be silent :D but you'll have a lot of fun after showing it to your friends!

Step 1: The Concept

The basic concept behind running windows on your Android device is emulation or virtualizationof the operating system.

  • We will first make a virtual hard drive for windows XP where we will install windows.
  • Then we will install windows XP and copy the hard drive image to our android device.
  • Then we'll boot into windows by emulating it in BOCHS for andorid
  • Finally play with Windows!

Step 2: Materials & Software

1) Windows XP SP1 CD or you can download ISO torrent.

2) Qemu Manager for your PC:

3) Bochs for Android:

4) Blank Image Disk: [Rename this to c.img !!]


Step 3: Making the Virtual Machine

Now we'll install windows into the blank C.img [You'll have to rename the Blank_Image into c.img] file.

1) Open QEMU manager after you've installed it

2) Click on (+) button or create new VM

3) Specify everything as in images and leave it to the default.

4) Now click on Drives and then HardDisk 0 then browse the c.img file into the manager and click ok!

5) Now click on CD-ROM and insert your windows installation DVD and select Use Physical Drive

6) We're done!

In next step we'll boot and install windows

Step 4: Installing Windows in VM

Now, we'l install Windows XP in the virtual machine. This process takes about an hour so please wait :P

Now just click the green start button and launch off!

Follow the instructions to install Windows XP. It'll take about 5 minutes to load drivers and then main installation will start. This is going to be fun installing and testing old applications.

Step 5: Copying Files to Andorid

Now we'll copy the files to the Android Device.

First of all, make a folder named SDL in your SD card. then copy the files in SDL.ZIP file. Copy c.img as well. Now install BOCHS.APK in your device and then you're ready!

Do everything carefully as this step will only lead to success!

Step 6: Booting Into Windows!

Now we'll boot into windows and lets get to started!

Now click on BOCHS app icon on your launcher and boot into Windows! It'll take approximate 15 minutes to boot into windows. Now after 5 minutes, open start menu and then explore. Try outlook.

Its only for playing , not for working! No internet! No Sound! + Very Slow! :D :P

Now go, impress your friends and also tell them how to do this!

Step 7: Thanks & About Me

I'm a 16 year old embedded developer, working with MIT Media Labs India Initiative. I work in various technologies like ARM, AVR, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

You can find about me here:

Facebook: Youtube:

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1 year ago

It is not real, it is virtual

Since this can be dome for windows XP, can you possibly follow the same steps and get windows 2000 or possibly 95 on Android?

and if so, can going old school make the preformance increase and have it be not as slow?

OK, BIG WALL OF TEXT INBOUND! sorry in advance...

Please note, I've seen android devices with x86 processors in them, and that would work a lot better as then the software doesn't even need to emulate the x86 architecture.

I found this out while messing around with a softmodded Nintendo Wii and running DosBox on a Wii is really slow, and that's because the processor needs to be emulated on a PowerPC CPU, and that goes for all the permutations like setting it to 386 mode or 486 or pentium mode...

Also while I'm on the Topic of the Nintendo Wii, there's a BOCHS for it too (at least as far as I'm concerned) (or was it QEMU? correct me if i'm wrong), so theoretically, you could do a slight permutation of this guide and make into "Run Windows XP on Wii" or something like that, as it wouldn't take too much effort...

Thank you so much for this guide, i was going off my Virtualbox and VMware skills and was getting absolutely nowhere, i guess it's because I had no idea i was supposed to make the hard disk file into a .img file and was attempting to do this off of a .vhd file XD.

Thanks for your notes

Wow the other comments are awful...

Anyway, I'm interested in doing this. I have a Galaxy S7 Edge with Android 6.0.1.

I've made the c.img. When I start up bochs on my phone, it says FATAL: No bootable device found. Even though Bochs says press F12 for configuration, F12 won't do anything. Have you run into this problem? I've edited the bochsrc.txt to redirect the file path as well. I've tried everything I can think of.

I wonder to know if this works for windows XP image installer, how about using windows 10 iso installation. will it be the same steps?
i just guess it will needs biger

Hey bro! Good job.

Can you just tell me how to enable multi-touch and internet? 'Cause I wanna run Windows 10 on it.

This is a very cool , altho not very practical that being the idea that you can emulate x86 on a arm processor is awesome . I forse ubuntu being installed on my phones in the near future now

After conveting into Window can we use our android interface Again?????
Its a like a app or.... is missing. :(


2 years ago

By this our Android will become permanent Windows?

Hello Techno Tony where can i find the link to download , i was also looking for the same thing for my tablet, please help


2 years ago

Its good but can we again convert it to android or not?


2 years ago

hi guys, I have old grand2 duos, want to install an android os a pure one, please help me. the current android os has some app which are not unstalling, so i want to clean it to blank and reinstall an android os

very very slow... Slower then the Dell GX220 machines at our school computer lab

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can i Flash "install.wim" to an x86 smartphone?
i need to flash a Windows 10 install.wim to my Asus T00I (ZenFone 4) :D pls help me :)

guarde la pag mi movil no tiene suficiente memoria inerna