Running Arduino IDE on ChipKIT DP32

This instructable provides step by step process on how to run arduino programs using chipKIT DP32

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Step 1: Material Needed:


ChipKIT DP32 (

MicroUSB Cable

MiniUSB Cable

ChipKIT Programmer (




Step 2: Setup:

Hardware Setup:

  • Setup ChipKIT D32 with its programmer as shown in the diagram
  • Connect microUSB cable and miniUSB cable to your computer

Software Setup:

For Arduino IDE

  • In order to make ChipKit DP32 work with Arduino IDE we need to install chipKIT core onto it.
  • To download go to the link
  • From installation instructions copy and paste it in Arduino IDE preferences as shown in Figure 2
  • Go to tools>Board>Click Board Manager
  • In Board manager, type in your filter search box "chipkit" and install the latest version (see Figure 3)
  • After downloading go back to tools, scroll down and choose your board, in this case it's ChipKIT DP32


Loading Bootloader onto DP32

  • Assuming hardware is setup, run MPLAB X IDE
  • Click File, new project and select prebuilt project(as shown in figure 4)
  • Browse to bootloader file and select family as PIC32, device as PIC32MX250F128B and hardware tools(license debugger) as shown in figure 5
  • Give your project a name and click finish

Step 3: Running Program on Arduino:

Loading Bootloader onto chip

  • Click on "Make and Program Device Main Project" as shown in figure 1
  • If bootloader is successfully installed than output will say "Programming/Verify complete" and LD1 will start blinking on the chipKIT board

Running on Arduino

  • open Arduino IDE
  • select correct board from tools>board
  • looking at figure 2 go to file, examples, basics, and choose Blink
  • Click compile(top left corner)
  • Click upload(top left corner)
  • If there is error "No target found", reupload the bootloader using MPLAB X and reupload the blink program
  • LD2 will start blinking if programs works and output on Arduino IDE will look similar to figure 3

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    Good info...thanks for sharing!