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I take lots of pictures that I use for the paper models that I design for When I am out taking pictures I need to swap out SD cards in my camera. But the SD card cases are different sizes and they take up too much space.

Step 1: The Supplies

I found that the case for Sunstar GUM soft tooth picks are the perfect size to hold 2 SD cards side by side. For me, I have bunches of the cases left over after I use up the picks. You can find these at any drug store for $3.xx or a 10 pack at the 99¢ store.

Step 2: The First Problem

The trouble was that there was nothing to keep one from sliding around and there was no way to tell at a glance which ones were full and which ones were empty.

Step 3: The Solution

So I came up with an insert that helps you hang on to the SD cards and it even tells you at a glance if the cards are full or empty by looking at the flip tab.

Step 4: Download the PDF

Just download and print the PDF file…

Step 5: Cut Out the Insert

Score all of the folds FIRST, and then cut it out.

Step 6: Fold the Insert

Pay attention to the fold lines. Try to be accurate and make the folds crisp.

Step 7: Glue the Insert Together

Glue the back of the Full/Empty tab. So you can flip it back and forth so you can indicate if the card is full or empty.

Step 8: Keep Gluing

Glue tabs A, B, & C.

Step 9: The Insert in Action

When the glue on the paper model is dry put it in the GUM case. You can attach it to the case with double sided tape, but I leave mine loose. Now you can use the Full/Empty tab to lift up one card at a time to remove or insert the card.

Step 10: Finished

When you flip the Full/Empty tab one way or the other and close the GUM case you can see at a glance if you have any room for more pictures.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hey i have the same camera from the year before. very nice


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work with the instructions. Like having easy access to downloadable PDF. I got lost browsing around ss42 - lot of interesting stuff there...

    Also, you might want to check out:
    I have found it helpful when doing some stop motion animation work.
    The SD card has integrated wi-fi. No need to switch out the card - can automatically upload to your local machine or sharing location. As the files can automatically move to the new location - you always have room on your card.

    Honda Enoch

    7 years ago on Step 10

    This is a great idea. but wouldn't it be simpler to put a mark on the back of the case so you know its the back, then flip FULL cards over label down?


    7 years ago on Step 10

    if you really dont have the space anymore you could just switch to micro SD cards

    then you can just leave the adapter (wich is a normal SD card with a slot for the micro) inside the camera and use a system like what you made but smaller to hold more cards

    2 replies

    That sounds like a good idea. I don't know if I can manage to avoid dropping micro SD cards in the field but I will give it a good think.

    hmm yeah they are very small... maybe making brightly colored slipcovers for them wil allow you to easily find them if you accidently drop them , you could make the slipcovers two different colors to indicate if they are full or empty so you just turn them around when they'r full

    Winged Fist

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great origami!;-) I've found that an empty dental floss box works nicely for storing sd cards too. Although not as organized as your case, you can put quite a few into one dental floss box. Well done and well documented! 5 stars!