SMD LED Octopus Fridge Magnet




This is one of my entries into the Get the LED Out Challenge.

It is a surface mount LED Octopus (or decapus (pronounced deca-pus as opposed to de-cap-us), or in real terms, an octopus with 10 tentacles.) It is made with SMD LED's simply because that is what I had and to avoid pouring my money into the hole in the earth that is called Radio Shack. I will never pay $3.00 for an LED. This is a great tool for those in to long exposure photography and I have included some l.e. photos I have taken using this device.

This will be turned into an Instructable at some point, weather or not it be soon, I do not know.



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. It looks pretty awesome, especially with the blobs of the hot glue. Nice job, How did you do it? And when will you post an Instructable? ;-)

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