Introduction: SQUIDBILLY - DIY CRAFT FOR KIDS - Scalp Massager

The SQUIDBILLY Scalp Massage is the perfect DIY Craft for KIDS and their parents/guardians
to create solely out of 7 wire clothing hangers from the closet!!

The craft is perfect for the kids to make as a present for Mother's or Father's Day, Christmas, Birthday's, or any special occasion. The only supervision needed is for the cutting of the wire. 

Experience: Beginner - Easy for KIDS
Time:  <1 hour

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Step 1: What You'll Need

- 7 Wire Clothing Hangers ( the thinner the wire, the easier it is to cut through and manipulate its shape)
- 1 Needle Nose Plier (These are used to cut and shape the wire)
- Electrical Tape (To prevent hair from getting caught in the wire during the massage)
Safety Goggles (Just in case a piece of wire pops out when cutting)
Clay (To create an easy to grip handle)
Table Clamp - not pictured (to assist in twisting the wire handle if working on your own)

Optional Materials
Spray Paint 
(to make the squidbilly any color)
Acrylic Paint (to add any accent details of your liking)

Step 2: Start Cutting Up the Hangers!

1. Using the pliers, cut the wire hanger right below the "collar" of the hanger as depicted in the Cut #1 photo. 
2. On the opposing side of Cut #1, make a secondary cut right at the corner of the hanger.
3. Straighten out the piece of wire into a line using your hands or wire as needed
4. Repeat steps one through three for 6 wire hangers.

Step 3: Fold the Tips of the Wire

1. Pick one end of the wire and grip the pliers firmly one inch in from the side
2. Using your hand, fold the longer end of the wire over the pliers
3. Remove the pliers and use them to pinch the ends together until the end is tight.
4. Repeat steps one through three for both ends of the wire.
5. Fold the wire in half so that both tips are touching
6. Pinch the tip of the hanger
**Note apply steps 1 - 6 to all 6 wire hangers

Step 4: What to Do With Wire Hanger # 7!

Now you need to fasten all the wire loops that you created!

1. Cut the hook off of the wire hanger and straighten it completely.
2. Make a two inch fold on the wire (don't pinch the tip this time! You need space to place the 6 wire loops on it)
3. Thread the 6 remaining wire loops on the fold
4. Straighten out of the small end of the fastening wire by folding it down and taking the long end
5. Place the wire bundle on a table and fasten it with a clamp.
6. Wrap the extending piece of wire around the bundle as tight as possible

Step 5: Making It Work!

Now that you have a completed bundle, its time to finalize the squidbilly!

1. Fan out each of the wire hangers individually
2. Bend them slightly inward so that the wires conform to any head size
3. Use the electrical tape to wrap the exposed junction of the folded wire
**Note: Make sure the tape doesn't touch the bottom of the fold! it would interfere with the awesomness of the cold metal feeling on your scalp

Step 6: Final Details: Making It Look Awesome!

1. Get a handful of some air dry clay and make an opening large enough to fit the handle
2. Place the clay on the wire holder so you have a nice comfortable grip
3. Once the clay is dry feel free to be creative with paint options! ( I used some spray pain for the wires and acrylic paint for the clay!)
4.  Now you are ready to enjoy a personal scalp massage whenever you need it!


Special Thanks to:

Bryan Postelnek and Katelyn Norderer for being my first test subjects with the Squidbilly!
Matt Fuchs for his incredible feedback on how the metal wire felt on his head
Zach Hyder for throughly enjoying scalp massages
And all of the TE Program!

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    3 years ago

    Thanks i will try it.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    those things feel soooooooo weird on your head. even weirder if you've put it in the freezer for a few minutes first


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm so excited! I'm going to make one of these tomorrow! Thanks for the tutorial!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    this is awesome!!! This is such a cool idea, definitely going to try it out!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I'm the featured picture, for the record.