STEAM ENGINE Powered by Dry Ice and Water

Introduction: STEAM ENGINE Powered by Dry Ice and Water

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Dry ice and water combined result in a phase change producing a rapid release of  CO2  equaling massive expansion via sublimation. This process can safely produce a pressurized power supply for a standard steam engine. The polytube should be lose enough, so if a pressure buildup does occur, it simply pops out. Never glue or seal shut. The screw cap should also be slightly loose.
Never attempt the Dry Ice Bomb. THEY ARE ILLEGAL in many areas.

They are also extremely dangerous and while most consider them illegal, they are not an explosion by chemical reaction like aluminum acid devices.

California law defines "destructive device" as a type of weapon, including "any sealed device containing dry ice (CO2) or other chemically-reactive substances assembled for the purpose of causing an explosion by a chemical reaction."[31] However, dry ice bombs operate not via chemical reaction but via a phase change. The law technically also makes all gasoline and diesel powered engines illegal as well as lighter bombs.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, for how long could it work on a bottle and few chips of dry ice?