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Today I found some old Bluetooth mono headset its kinda useless for me since you know it looks weird when you are wearing it so I tried repurposing it now lets see what can I do with something with bluetooth and audio capabilities.... Well the first thing that came up in my mind was another BT boombox or amp, we all know thats common here so I tried something new and much simpler!....

STREAM your music on any Amplifier via Bluetooth. its that simple and I asure you It wont even cost 4$+ well unless you buy a mono headset. which is something like 10-40$,but any ways let me show you the things you will need


A 3.5mm JACK or a 6.5mm guitar amp jack 1-2$

Some thin wires like 28 AWG wires

And the important part the BT mono headset.


Soldering Iron


WIRE stripper


Long nose

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Step 1: BT Module

ok lets start off by choosing your Bt mono headset, lets say you have one already, but wait does it sound nice? try testing it by putting it on your ear and try listening to some music...Go to the last step on how to do this....If the sound is acceptable then feel free to continue reading this guide and if not might as well make one I mean who uses these bluetooth mono headsets right :D

You can recycle other Bluetooth modules from other audio devices that you are not using. Example like those bluetooth speakers, fake bluetooth headphones there are dozens of them to recycle and repurpose its just this is the only Bt module I have lying around here

~TIP~ RECYCLING 2CH. Bluetooth HEADSET is better when it comes to sound quality

Step 2: OK Disassemble That Useless Headset

Most BT mono headsets have no screws to disassemble the whole thing so look for the grooves on that edges and that is where we will start

1. Look for the grooves that is obviously the cover of the device

2. options to open it up 1st is a cutter slide through the small spaces and make your way to open it 2nd Is just use a long nose then just forcefully remove the cover.

Step 3: Know the Connections Going on

Believe it or not this I really easy Bluetooth aint that hard I mean the PCB is already labeled so dont worry when you get lost in the connections just make sure you know where is the + and negatives known as common ground

1. Look what inside the device and see if you can do something about it.

2. Get a picture of the connections just like mine to have a reference.

3. Know where is the charger connection, Audio connection, and battery connection

Step 4: Time to Remove the Small Speaker

Ok now that you know the connections on the PCB time to replace the small speaker with a JACK for my purposes I used a 6.5mm the ones used for guitar amplifiers.

1. from the title itself remove the small speaker

2. Cut the wires from the speaker leading to the BT PCB.

3. Once done you should be able to remove the speaker and its cap freely with out destroying the PCB

Step 5: Solder Some Wires

Now set aside the device and lets go to the plug

at the end of my RCA to 6.5 I soldered the + or red wire inside and then the Ground or black wire onto the exterior side or the RCA

1. Solder things properly

2. Get the other part of the casing and see if it fits just like mine

3. Using the gluegun apply some near the ends or the RCA plug to secure it on the old mini speaker hole.

Step 6: Nice and Stable

Basically All we need to do here now is to solder the wires onto the correct terminals on the PCB

ground to ground

Audio to audio terminal

just follow the block diagram and you will be fine come on this is super simple.

Step 7: PUT Everything Back

Now that you are done soldering things in place its time to put thing back together.

1. From the pictures you've taken put the battery the same way it was before and do for all the wires and PCB :D

2 Get the top cover and put it back then you are done the only thing left now is to teach you how to connect BT mono headset to your phone and play musics on it.


Download the APP BTmono from the android app store and then install it on your phone.

1. Turn on your phones BT and as well as the thing you made.

2. Open the app you just downloaded

3. After opening it you will immediately know what to do :D the on button.

4. Once done you should now be able to play music via BT.

5. Common sense here umm. to test the thing out connect the module onto your amp.

6. Play your music on the phone not use stock music player on a samsung phone it wont work better use the other app in color orange :D

7. Listen, tune the tone and then enjoy :D




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47 Discussions


Question 1 year ago on Step 5

Could I plug this into my guitar and use it as a wireless guitar system if I also have a bluetooth receiver plugged into the aux port on my amplifier


1 year ago

But I'm trying to find something I could plug into my guitar so my Bluetooth speakers can act as loud speakers for may guitar. Just about the other way around.
Can someone tell me if I'm totally wacko or if this can be done?


5 years ago on Introduction

For this you want to use a bluetooth that have the AD2P profile, that can stream 48KHz Stereo up to 396Kbps. These headsets that have only HSP or HFP profiles are no suitable for music just voice, they are limited to a 8Khz narrow band , it will sound like a old telephone line.

2 replies

Reply 1 year ago

is there anyway to hack it and improve?


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

welp yeah I realized that then I tried experimenting with other bluetooth modules "2ch audio BT rx" work best


1 year ago

give me a link or somthing

kavish laxkar

3 years ago

gr8 instble.:)
tell me one thing..i have same bluetooth for receiving and ending call....can i use it for listening music on two big 20w speaker wirelessly?


4 years ago on Introduction

if possible plz suggest me. cuz m not tat rich to buy any bluetooth reciver. so plz send me how to do it. it will be awesome if you help me out.


4 years ago on Introduction

hello, can i try with usb bluetooth device , as it is cheap in market, cuz i dun have abluetooth headset


4 years ago on Step 8

The "orange media player" on newer Androids is called Google Play Music. Just needed to put that out there.


4 years ago on Introduction

Its Mono - In or Out , so the experience of music will be dull. Any way good Idea & I had also done it before a couple of years.


4 years ago on Step 6

does it works ,if i connect the the audio o/p terminals to my headphone .

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Step 6

It should work but It wont give you good quality sound because mono headset will only give you "MONO sound" and mono is actually crappy So I suggest using old bluetooth headphones or something


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

It should just make sure the bluetooth module you are using has a 2ch output so that you can enjoy the music.