SURPRISE! Box-in-a-box Explosion Box Card




Introduction: SURPRISE! Box-in-a-box Explosion Box Card

Have you ever wanted to wow someone with many surprises in a simple & heartfelt manner?

Well.. This SURPRISE! Box-in-a-box Explosion Box Card design is a special way to do so!

All you need to do is to learn the basics for this design and then fill up the spaces with your own inspirations and creativity!

The idea of this huge box-in-a-box exploding box card is to make your gift recipient enjoy the excitement of what lies within one box after another. The fun part? Sizes of each box within one another decreases in each layer!

Furthermore, loads of interactive elements can be included in this design - hmm, the fact that he or she has to open one box after another is already a form of interaction! Not to forget that the amount of space in this design also gives you the opportunity to squeeze out all the creativity juice that you have in your brain, and include as many photos as you want (so memorable!). It will for sure, serve as a meaningful and unique gift to someone special.

It looks like it's time-consuming and difficult to make, doesn't it? Trust me, the time and effort taken will be worth it, especially when you see the smile on your gift recipient's face! Awww.

So... Let's get started shall we?

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Step 1: Get Your Materials Ready!

First image shows the things you will roughly need, while the second shows the ones I used.

Step 2: Know the Measurements!

The first image shows the exact measurements for this design. (It is a really huge exploding box card woohoo)


The second image shows the suggested measurements for a smaller version of this design. (Of course, feel free to alter it your way!)

Step 3: Familiarise Yourself With the Templates

Of course, it is always good to be familiarised with the templates first! Well, when you actually start making the first one, you'll be able to make the subsequent layers easily because all you have to do is to change the measurements.


First image: Projected view of a box card base

Second image: Projected view of a box card cover


"Oh no, i'm still not sure after looking at these images... I'm not confident! Help!"

Mmmmmmmmmmm, go to the next step!

Step 4: OPTIONAL: Watch This Video on How to Make a Basic Box Card & Cover

Hey! It's your first time making a box card right? Don't worry, there's a first to everything. Now, let's first try understanding how to make a small & simple box card. Click on the video and watch it!


No problem starting on your boxcard? That's wonderful! Let's move on to the next step!

Step 5: Watch the Tutorial on the SURPRISE! Box-in-a-box Explosion Box Card

Watch & learn, and get your hands to work!

Step 6: I'm Done Making the Basics!

Mmm.. So? Go on to the next step! :-)

Step 7: Decorating Your Box-in-a-box Explosion Box Card

Nonono... You are supposed to squeeze out your own creativity juice inside your brains! I'M NOT SPOON FEEDING YOU!

Step 8: Find Inspirations for Decorating Ideas

Don't say that I'm too stingy! Here are a few images and a video for your inspiration!

P.S. the video shows the exact gift I made for my friend, which led to me deciding to do a basic tutorial on it because of the requests from my viewers.

Step 9: Have Fun Decorating!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    4 years ago

    Those are really cool! I love seeing how they have been decorated!