Sailor Moon Mixed Board Game




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This game's main body is 'Monopoly Millionaires', but actually mixed with part of 'The Game Of Life' and two rules from 'Aeroplane Chess'.

Items included in the game are:
(1)A pair of six-sided dice
(2)Paper money (total:$5,830,000 bills)
-15 $1,000 bills (red)
-20 $2,000 bills (red)
-10 $5,000 bills (red)
-5 $10,000 bills (orange)
-5 $20,000 bills (orange)
-5 $50,000 bills (green)
-5 $100,000 bills (grey)
-3 $200,000 bills (light blue)
-3 $500,000 bills (blue)
-3 $1,000,000 bills (purple)
(3)108 Houses(Each Houses Level 1-3)
(4)36 Property Cards
(5)30 Event Cards
(6)A board
(7)10 small paper tokens
(8)Special Power Cards(Depend on what comic character you make)

The rules (ADDED PART):
(1)2 to 6 players, taking turns to throw the die. The player with the largest number starts to play first, and the rest of the players sit according to the left of him/her.
(2)Each player is represented by a small paper token that is moved around the edge of the board according to the roll of two dice.
(3)If a piece is moved to a space of its own colour, it is jumped one spaces in front to the next space of its own colour.
(4)Players must get one ‘Events 1-76 card’(event cards+ Property Cards) according to players stepped on what number and read what have players get and follow the instructions printed on the card.
(5)If a player can’t get the card of he/she stepped on,that mean the other players get the place or he/she got the place already.He/she have to pay the rent or upgrade the building.
(6)If He/she have stepped on his/her own building when the building is already Level 3,there will be nothing happen on him/she.

These are the ingredients you need:
(1)Hard A4 paper
(2)Computer and printer

Search the pictures->make the items (No dice) by using Microsoft Word->print them out with hard A4 paper->cut them out->FINISH!(Bostik for sticking the houses on the board when you play.)

Hope you enjoy this game.



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