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Introduction: Sandpit With Integrated Bench Seats

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My biggest project to date - the ultimate sandpit - it has built in seats that fold to cover the sand when not in use and prevents it from becoming what would otherwise be the litter tray for every neighbourhood cat.

This is a time consuming build but well worth it - there's lots of timber to buy, cut, paint and assemble

Step 1: Cut, Cut, Cut and Paint

You'll need to cut and paint a lot of timber; all wood should be treated for outdoor/landscaping use
Except for the sleepers and base decking it all needs to be painted. It is far easier to paint the components prior to assembly

Cutting list:
3 sleepers – 200 x 50 x 1662mm (base)
17 decking boards – 90 x 22 x 1469mm (base decking)
12 side battens – 90 x 45 x 264mm
4 side lengths (A) 90 x 22 x 1620mm
4 side lengths (B) 90 x 22 x 1470mm
18 decking boards – 90 x 22 x 1600mm (lid decking)
4 backrest supports – 90 x 45 x 590mm
4 seat battens – 90 x 45 x 290mm

Step 2: Make the Base

Lay out the three sleepers on a flat surface evenly spaced using one of the decking boards as a guide for positioning to final length. Then screw down the 17 decking boards spaced approximately 3mm apart

Step 3: Make the Sides

Take 8 side batten pieces and butt join to make the corner braces and screw them to the base section. You can then add the side pieces (a and B) which are each braced in the middle with a side batten length. Screw the sides to the corner braces. At this point the sandpit will merely be enormously heavy rather than essentially unmovable. Now is a good time to get it into its intended position in the yard.

Step 4: Line With Weed Matting

I didn't get a good photo of this step (the picture taken is fairly late in the construction process) but it is pretty easy/self explanatory - line the base and sides with weedmat using a staple gun. This keeps the sand in place but allows for drainage of rainwater, toddler wee etc

Step 5: Lid / Seating

Use the lid decking boards - at one end screw down three boards. Layout the next three boards which are joined on the underside with a seat batten at each end. Join these new sections with hinges so that they can fold backwards into a seat. Finally the last decking boards are joined to the backrest supports and hinged from the underside. Repeat process on the other side to make the two integrated bench seats.

Step 6: Completed Sandpit

Fill with washed river sand and let the kids play in it!

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2 years ago

Hi Jim, If by English measurements you are referring to imperial units, you could try a converter, just google mm to inches, I am sure you will find plenty.

can you provide english measurements?

Wow, That's an Awesome Idea !

I know what my Neice and Nef are getting for their BirthDays :D

Wish they made these when I was a kid... keep the sand outta your pants. ;)

saw this on the Better Homes and Garden website a few years ago. I plan on doing it next year.


The design itself isn't original, I bought something similar (and smaller) for around €10-15. But the instructable is very clear and well written. Since yours is bigger and has a proper base and lining, you have my vote sir!

I made mine last year but decided not to paint it. the kids have loved it and right now it's closed so the leaves don't fill it up. While it's closed I keep a little picnic table on it.


3 years ago

This is very awesome. If I had children, I would build this kind of a sandpit

Very Good!!... Glad you included the lid... Keeps it from becoming a giant cat box!...

This is the perfect sandpit. Such a clever design!

This is awesome!

Thanks - had fun making it but it's not one to knock over in a single weekend.


3 years ago

First saw this on ana-whites blog. Looking forward to making one for my son next year!