Scale Model of Dynamitron Particle Accelerator




About: I am a student majoring in nuclear power, quantum energy engineering, particle beam engineering in Japan.

Hi. In this project I will make Scale model of Dynamitron Particle accelerator by 3D printer.

The Dynamitron is a particle accelerator developed by IBA Industrial, (formerly Radiation Dynamics).I am a student majoring in charged particle beam engineering.

When I am experimenting as usual, I found a old paper blueprint of Dynamitron accelerator.I decided to produce a scale model for the Dynamitron accelerator as a 3D CAD exercise.

Step 1: Creating a 3D Model by Old Paper Blueprints

First I need to creating 3D model by paper blueprints.I used Autodesk Fusion 360.This is my first time to using 3D CAD.

At first, I modeled faithfully on the blueprint. And then,I made some modifications to make 3D printing easier.

Step 2: Printing and Surface Treatment

I used Da Vinci jr 1.0 3D printer. Laminated traces will remain on the surface, so you can not paint as it is. We need surface treatment.

I applied polypate of TAMIYA to the surface and polished the surface with sandpaper #400 to #1000.

Step 3: Painting and Assembley

After printing and surface treatment, I painted each part and assembled it.

The post supporting the sub tank was made by cutting out a plastic plate.In the window part, resin was poured into a metal spacer to express thick glass.For nearly 600 bolts, I used parts used for detailing up plastic models, one by one paste.The wheel part and the attitude adjustment part are created faithfully to the real thing, and make the same gimmick as the real thing.

Step 4: Display

Create a name plate, put it in a case and display it.

The name plate was made using brass plates, acrylic boards, and brass nails.I stuck the datasheet of the accelerator printed on the transparent seal.

The created scale model is currently being exhibited in the laboratory of the university.

Attach the data of the created scale model.
You can edit with 3D CAD such as Fusion 360.




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    Tip 6 months ago

    Nice unique project.
    A little off-topic, but in the early 60s I was in college and one of my profs worked with the bevatron in Berkeley. He regailed about one night when the readings were'nt right and the trouble shooters couldn't figure it out. That is, until someone noticed a purple beam streaming from the building down into the San Francisco Bay. Turns out some panel was ajar and let the beam out. There were probably some fried fish in the bay.

    Rue Shamrock

    6 months ago

    This is an unique model. Thank you for sharing the build experience.

    1 reply

    6 months ago

    It would be really interesting to make a cut-away model showing the interior mechanism.
    Perhaps with a tiny laser module to represent the particle beam ?
    Where can we download the blueprints please ?

    1 reply

    Reply 6 months ago

    I was thinking at first to make a cut model, but the internal structure was too complex and I quit this time. That's nice idea.
    There is no CAD data of the blueprints anywhere. Because this was made in 1974.However, the inner acceleration tube has been replaced with the latest type.